JOHN DAY – Greeters Jeannette and Gregg. Meals delivered 30 and 20 frozen delivered by Step Forward and Mary Lou and Chris. Servers Blue Mountain Hospital Auxiliary. Lunch was breakfast enchiladas, hash browns, fruit and churros for dessert. Winner of the Len’s Drug gift card was Sharon Scott and Gregg Starr won the DQ sundae.

Greeters Jeanette and Gregg. Meals delivered 34 by Step Forward, Joe and Joan. Servers were Nazarene Church. Lunch was sponsored by Blue Mountain Hospital Auxiliary. Driskills donated the birthday cake, thank you so much. The gift card for Chester’s Thriftway was won by Roberta the free meal was won by Karen.

Meal was chicken and bacon lasagna Florentine with corn and peas, orange Jell-O and birthday cake for dessert.

I have enjoyed doing the article for the seniors but due to health problems I have decided to let it go and will be working from home. Love you all and will miss the twice a week lunch together.

MONUMENT – It is crazy that we are now in the month of November and soon this year will be coming to a close. Time really is flying by. There are still lots to do. I can't sit still for very long, got to keep moving!

Our cooks Terry Cade and Carrie Jewell baked us some yummy cornbread. To go along with that cornbread, we had chili, a fresh green salad and chocolate brownies with vanilla ice cream to top. I had to go back for seconds. We thank our cooks for their hard work and seriously, we are truly blessed because of them. I know some other senior centers that are having trouble finding cooks for them. So, we appreciate our Terry and Carrie very much.

Our greeters at the front table were Jimmy Cole, Kristi Guimont and Ricki Doland. Jimmy and Ricki were collecting and counting the money. Kristi wrote down the announcements and checked in the guests. Bodean Andersen led us in the flag salute, made the announcements and prayed the blessing over our meal.

We had 47 guests on our books and three takeouts. We had the usual suspects from Spray join us for lunch. Jean and Scott Hammel, along with Ellen Mann. They really like our meals, so they have decided to come out every Tuesday to join us for lunch. The winners for the free meal tickets were Kristi Guimont and Jimmy Cole (something suspicious about that, it seemed rigged! Ha) Dinah Cowger was the lucky winner for the Len's Drug gift card. We thank all our generous supporters.

We had Katee Hoffman from the V.A.'s office come with her dog Finn. Katee is taking in donations for our veterans who pass away. Sometimes the families of the deceased don’t have enough funds for a casket and funeral. Many are cremated but still need an urn. Through these donations, an urn can be purchased to provide our servicemen and women the honor of a decent burial and thank them for their service. If you would like to support this program, you send a check made to "Grants for Grant Co. Oregon Veterans." They may be mailed to @Kathleen Hoffman "Grants for Grant Co. OR Veterans" 530 E. Main St. #5, John Day, OR.

We thank all our servicemen and women who put their lives in danger for the rest of us. We thank all our veterans, alive and those who gave up their lives for our freedoms and our country. Freedom is not free. We still have many freedoms that most around the world only dream about. Let us not take for granted what this nation was founded upon. Our freedom was bought with a very high price.

Let us pray for our President Trump and our elected leaders too for the Lord is the one who put them in power. We pray that they would do their jobs with integrity and in righteousness. We pray that they would remember their oaths and uphold our Constitution. Amen.

1 Timothy 2:1-2 “I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men;2 For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.”

PRAIRIE CITY – ‘Tis the season for Thanksgiving already! Tom had the cutest little baskets to represent ‘horns of plenty’ for the centerpieces today. The table to go first had a special little box that had instructions on it. So how did that happen? Because the word for the day was: Most people would rather risk catastrophe than read the directions. Har, Har.

Juan led the flag salute and Jack asked the blessing. Carlos and Luann took care of the home deliveries. The $5 gift card donated by Len’s Drug went to Betty Retherford.

The most important announcement was to remember to bring a pie or other dessert to the Thanksgiving Dinner on Nov. 20. And give the cooks a heads up on how many too. After all, we don't want to run out of food!

The Blue Mountain Care Center did not get to come today, but we had guests from John Day: Bobena, Marie and Gregg. Thanks for joining us today. Our kitchen staff of Laura, Ray and Katelyn prepared lasagna, green salad, French bread, beets/onions, and a cherry cobbler for dessert. We were stuffed!

Got to wondering what the difference was between French bread and Italian bread.

And who decided that it should be named that. One of those ‘ponderables.’

We found the owner of the hearing aid. He was most appreciative. And if you like to read a wholesome, countrified magazine, we have a big stack of Country Woman donated by Helen Emmel. Might take some down to the clinic waiting room. Get tired of all the hunting an fishing ones there…

Was a quiet Halloween in our neighborhood; Joel and boys did a ‘booth’ at the Trunk or Treat at the teen center. They brought their big ol’ lovable dog named Hershey. Their gig was that if you let Hershey kiss you, you got a real candy Hershey kiss. So the patter was: a Hershey Kiss for a Hershey Kiss. Ho, Ho.

Ps. 85:10 “Love and faithfulness meet together; righteousness and peace kiss each other. Prov. 24. 24:26 An honest answer is like a kiss on the lips.”

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