JOHN DAY – Today I have to apologize for always calling people by other peoples names. Today it is Darlene Nodine - I keep calling her Joyce. I am so sorry Darlene.

Next I said something improper. It was not Buzz Gilmore that was injured last week. It was a different person whose name is similar to Buzz. Forgive me Buzz Gilmore.

Monday, Oct. 14, it was Darlene Nodine and Gregg Starr at the desk to get everyone signed in. They do a very nice job with smiles and an occasional chuckle for all. Thank you two for your service to us.

Buzz Gilmore led us in the flag salute to get our lunchtime started.

There were 35 fresh meals and 24 frozen meals delivered throughout our community and Mount Vernon by Bonnie and Francis Kocis and David Harvey of Step Forward. Thanks all of you for your time and service to our community.

Chester's Thriftway annual holiday showcase was on Thursday, Oct. 17. There were 35 vendors, prizes and goodies and lots of tasting of new and well-known products at Chester’s. Last year it was terrific. You have to see it to believe how much buzzing there is for this occasion.

Friday, Nov. 1 will be the AARP driver course at 9 a.m. led by Chrish Hamilton. Hear about all the rules of driving and be reminded of operations of driving that we take for granted and sometimes forget due to habit. $15.00 is the fee for AARP members and $20.00 is the fee for non-members so no one is left out.

It was previously announced that the John Day Senior Center will be closed on the Nov. 14, but that has changed. Lunch will be served as usual on Thursday, Nov. 14.

Billie Bullard won the Len’s Drug gift card and Francis Kocis won the free meal.

Francis Kocis asked the blessing for our meal and 27 diners proceeded to be served by Bonnie and Francis Kocis of the Redeemer Lutheran Church. Thanks Bonnie and Francis. We dined on a Monte Cristo bake casserole and potato salad, rolls with butter and jam if desired, coffee, milk and juice were served as well. Fruit salad was for dessert. Great meal.

On Thursday, Oct. 17, it was Jeanette Julsrud and Gregg Starr greeting everyone at the front desk getting everyone signed in. Smiles and chuckles were in practice too. Love that.

Nancy led our flag salute. Thirty-eight fresh meals were delivered to homes in our community by Dennis and Linda Dickens and Dave and crew of Step Forward. Thanks to all of you for your time and passion to be of service to others.

Dusty Harris was finally back with great difficulty but we were so pleased to see her being able to get around on her own again. It was good to see you Dusty.

Shea won the 50/50 drawing, Delores Beldon got the Chester's Thriftway gift card and Marge Gritz got the free meal. Congratulations all of you.

We had four special visitors: two were here before, Elder Speakman and Elder Weehanggee, and two were first timers, Edler Walker and Elder Risenmay. It was nice to have guests and they are welcome here.

An honorary birthday wish was given to Billie Bullard as her birthday is on Oct.18 and she will be 98 on that day. We all sang happy birthday to her. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BILLIE!

Becky Carey of the United Methodist Church asked the blessing for our meal and several members of the United Methodist Church assisted Becky in serving 38 diners a luscious meal of pork chops in onion gravy (yum), real mashed potatoes (yum,yum), peas with shallots, oatmeal rolls with butter and jam if desired, and brownies for dessert. Juice, coffee and milk as well. A terrific meal.

Nehemiah 8:10 “The Joy of the Lord is my strength.”

MONUMENT – We had a most wonderful lunch this past week! Oh, yeah, it was very delicious and enjoyable. Clarence and Sharon Harvey, along with Dennis and Linda Abraham, donated our meal for Oct. 15. They and David Stubblefield smoked brisket for our meal. Terry Cade and Carrie Jewell prepared the rest of the meal, which consisted of baked potatoes, salad, dinner rolls and pineapple cooler cake for our dessert. Oh, if you were not there, you missed a fabulous meal. We thank the generous friends for donating this great meal and for everyone involved in the cooking.

We thank our generous donors for all the hard work for also preparing and smoking the brisket all night long just so we could have this awesome meal. So, if you run into any of these folks, give them a warm thank you and show them your appreciation.

Our usual greeters were Jimmy Cole, Kristi Guimont and Ricki Doland. Jimmy and Ricki collected and counted the money. Kristi checked in the guests and wrote down the announcements. Bodean Andersen led us in the flag salute, made the announcements and prayed the blessing over our meal.

We had 67 guests on the books and fourteen takeouts. Among the guests that came to visit was fellow correspondent, Rose Coombs and her husband Derrol from Prairie City. Happy anniversary to you both! Thanks for coming out to celebrate your special day in Monument. Darlene Forrest had her daughter Tami Forrest come to visit too. We also had guests from Spray, Jean and son, Scott Hammel, Ellen Mann, David Steiner and Dick and Pam Wanous.

The winners of the free meal tickets were Christian Yukawa and yours truly. Tamera Stroh was the lucky winner of the Len's Drug gift card. We thank all our generous supporters.

The Monument Food Bank is taking up any and all donations that will go towards purchasing turkeys for Thanksgiving. There will be a donation box at the greeting table.

The second annual open house benefitting the Silent Wave Horse Rescue is coming up for Saturday, Oct. 26. The time is from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. I believe the theme is 70s Disco. There will be dinner by donation, Studio 54 cocktails, children's games, door prizes, a shotgun and quilt raffle, a silent and live auction and bonfire. You also get to meet some horses and I think there is mule involved. The location is 48852 Hwy. 402, Kimberly, OR. For more info, please call 541-934-2132.

I want to remind you that the time change of turning back the clocks is coming up, yay. I like that change for sure. That will be happening Nov. 2. Oh, and fall is here. Did you see the beautiful change of color in the leaves all over the place? It seemed like it just occurred overnight. We had a crazy windy storm come through and a dead tree fell over. I know that God is good because it fell between our newer truck and old truck, only four feet between them. All the time God is good right?

Ecclesiastes 7:1 “A good name is better than precious ointment; and the day of death than the day of one's birth.”

PRAIRIE CITY – ‘Twas a lovely fall day on Tuesday, Oct. 15, so we took a drive to Monument and had a meal at the senior center there. Surprised Soo, oh yeah. We did have another reason to go there: to celebrate our 58th wedding anniversary. So when we came back through Mt. Vernon, we were able to retrieve the pickup, so we are back to a two-vehicle status.

Our special guests today were Beth Simonson representing the Economic Development and Cindy Kalin representing Heart of Grant County. They had a very interesting display about discrimination in housing in Oregon through the years. Wonder if all that information is available in pamphlet form? It was hard to read with bifocals 18 inches off the floor. Ya get a crick in your neck!

Ginger led the flag salute and Jack asked the blessing. Del Lake was the winner of the gift certificate donated by Chuck’s Little Diner.

Tom’s word of the day: Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what’s for lunch. Har, har. The first table to go through the food line had a hand in their centerpiece. Read Ps. 37:24 and you’ll find out why.

We had a good ‘ol country breakfast for lunch today: sausage scramble, potatoes, muffins, fruit cup and orange slices. Amber, Tom and Andy did a bang-up job.

Forty-six names were registered in our book.

Lorna and Krystin brought Marilyn Randall, Gordon Sindt and Charlene Dean from the Blue Mountain Care Center.

Carla Wright went last week to Boise and had her eye cataracts removed. Yes, both eyes – in one week! I could hardly believe it! When we had ours done, we had to wait two weeks between eyes. She waited one day! My, how times have changed. And she doesn’t need glasses anymore, either. I wouldn’t either except for the astigmatism, drat it. When my grandparents had their eyes done back in the 60s, they had to lie out flat on their backs for hours afterwards. Ah, the marvels of modern medicine. We haven’t quite got to the Star Trek hand scanner that Dr. McCoy used. Since we have our cell phone ‘communicators’ now, we are making progress.

It is nice to see the different activities that go on in the ol’ hall on Wednesday morning. The pinochle playing begins at 10 a.m. and the tai chi at 11. One of the tai chi participants was early, so he wandered over to see what we were doing at the card table. Discovered that he knows how to play pinochle, so next week there will be another person to play before tai chi. PTL. If you don’t want to do either of those, there’s always the Senior Sales Corner and the library. Carol has been watching the shelves to see if a certain book that she wanted to read had made its way back. Then she discovered it at home in a box that was put away two years ago. That’s called serendipity, I think…

Ecclesiastes 12:12 "… Of making many books there is no end…"

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