JOHN DAY—Monday, Oct. 7, at the John Day Senior Center, we were met at the desk by Jeanette Julsrud and Gregg Starr with smiles and kind, welcoming words. Joyce Nodine led us in the flag salute. Jeanette made the announcements. She told us about the First Friday event in John Day. She said she had loads of fun and said we all could enjoy and have fun if we would attend. Up and down Main Street was something fun to do in every store and market. Guessing games in some and fun things to do and quizzes and more. Entertainment is at the Corner Cup. Sounds really fun. We will try to attend the next First Friday when it starts up in 2020.

Don’t forget to get your flu shot. They are running low on the serum so get right in to Len’s Drug or the clinic to get yours before they run out.

Thirty-eight fresh meals and 24 frozen meals were delivered throughout our community and Mt. Vernon by Blue Mountain Hospital Auxiliary ladies Joyce Nodine and Linda Ladd, and Step Forward. Thank you, ladies. This is a great service to our community.

Joyce Nodine won the Len’s Drug gift card, and Darron Huskey won the free meal at our senior center. Congrats.

There were 22 people present to partake of our lunch of hot rice and corn salad, cheesy chicken enchilada casserole, kidney bean salad and churros for dessert. Milk, juice, coffee, decaf coffee with sugar and cream (if desired) was also served. After Dale Stennett asked the blessing, we proceeded to partake of this lovely meal that Shay and his helpers had prepared.

On Thursday, Oct. 10, Everett King and Joyce Nodine greeted us with smiles and welcoming words as we signed in for lunch. Gregg Starr was handling the 50/50 tickets with smiles and chuckles. Love the smiles and chuckles.

Everett King was our announcer and announced that Jo Stiner would lead us in the flag salute.

We were told about a lady that makes memory crafty items for the veterans and their families, which is in gratitude for their service. She supplies all of the products for these items, and they are a gift so she deserves thanks for her efforts. Shawn Duncan is preparing a meal at the senior center for all who appreciate what this lady does. Come and have a meal for a donation to aid this lady to be able to support our veterans! Come on over and enjoy some fellowship and support this effort.

Kris Labhart was in attendance after her injury last week, with smiles and a great attitude. Good to see you and have you back home, Kris. Chris Labhart won our 50/50 drawing, how nice. Jeanette Kyle was the winner of a pretty scarf, and Carl Swank won the free meal here at the senior center. Congrats.

Veanne Weddle and David with Step Forward delivered 38 fresh meals and 24 frozen meals to our community today. These delivery people are greatly appreciated.

On Thursday, Oct. 17, Chester’s Thriftway is having its annual customer appreciation day. There will be games, tasting, lots of tasting as I remember, and contests. It will be fun.

The AARP driver course is coming up so be sure to sign up at the desk to secure your seat.

Buzz Gilmore was injured today so we are thinking about him and remembering him in our prayers for a safe and speedy recovery.

Our meal consisted of baked chicken, pasta salad, rolls and cinnamon rolls for dessert. Our servers were from the Cornerstone Christian Church. Thanks to all of you who helped. We truly appreciate you all. Pastor Levi Manitsas asked the blessing, and we proceeded to be served and all was quiet while everyone enjoyed good food. Jim Brown, who receives delivered meals, donated our entrée today. Thanks, Jim.

Matthew 25:45 “He will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.’”


We had a nice meal of chimichangas, Spanish rice, refried beans, salsa, sour cream and a fresh green salad for our meal. We had apple pie for our dessert. We thank Terry Cade, Carrie Jewell and Diane Harvey. Apparently, it was her recipe. I, myself, along with everyone who comes, are all very grateful for our meals and our cooks.

Our greeters at the table were Jimmy Cole, Kristi Guimont and Ricki Doland. Jimmy and Ricki collected and counted the money. Kristi wrote down the announcements and also led us in the flag salute. Yours truly made the announcements and prayed the blessing over our meal.

We had 47 guests on our books and three takeouts. We had some visitors join us. Donny Lippert’s aunt and uncle, Joanne and Don Stratton from John Day, were present. We also had Jean Hammel and her son Scott from Spray along with Dick and Pam Wanous and their friend Sharon too. Jean Hammel and Dean Hoodenpyl were the winners of the free meal tickets. Rusty Beaughman was the lucky winner for the Chester’s Thriftway gift card.

All the announcements that were made were for the past week so I won’t comment. I do have one that will be coming up. The sewing class will be happening for Saturday, Oct. 19. It will be from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. At noon, the ladies will share a potluck lunch. It is a free class, although there is a jar for donations taken to help offset the cost of renting the senior center. You can bring your own project to work on, or Judy always has something else you can work on. Just a shout of thanks to Bruce Hansen and his girlfriend Bridget for all the salmon and corn he brought over to us for our Buckaroo dinner! Thank you both for my corn too! We here at Monument are just so appreciative and grateful for them for doing so much for our community.

It’s been pretty cold here in Monument. We have been scrambling to prepare for the coming winter. There are so many things to do. I think my garden is pretty much done, although I have one small bed of lettuce growing. I don’t think I have enough time to plant my garlic this year. I guess I will have to try and plant them in the spring.

I need to get my little goat shed ready to put the female goats back into the goat pen. The boys will be staying in the corral and can stay under the barn. I don’t know how I am going to separate them. I guess luring them with food is the best option. I’ve been told there is a big cougar and possibly a wolf or wolves around us; I might have heard one howling. I’m surprised that the goats have not been attacked. I will have to try and keep them safe because predators will get more desperate as the winter comes and the snow comes.

Lamentations 3:25 “The LORD is good unto them that wait for Him, to the soul that seeketh Him.”

PRAIRIE CITY—Fall truly fell. Just barely got the A/C out of the way and the fans cleaned and put away and here it is 20 degrees! Brrr. Managed to get the garden about halfway put to bed before the rain came. Maybe when it warms up a little more I can get the rest of it done. Then I wonder — what have I been doing that that job didn’t get done? Enjoying life, I guess. Be thankful for our temperate climate, right?

For our centerpieces Tom brought the last of his calendulas to put in the vases. The first table had a cattail in amongst them (It was plastic, though). Juan led the flag salute, and Jack asked the blessing. I garnered the gift certificate donated by Valley View Assisted Living. We had 54 names on the registration book. Visitors included Dean and Helen Frazier and Ken and Marjean Koser.

Ginger announced that the kitchen needs take-home containers. The deal is, people, that you are to take the container home, use the food, wash the container and then bring it back for future use.

She also announced that we are on our own in obtaining this year’s flu shot. There are lots of places to get one, so have at it.

Some people from the county are coming this week (Oct. 16) to give a talk on Fair Housing and Domestic Violence. So you have been notified.

Kendra and Christine brought Gordon Sindt, Thelma Kite and Mary Crawford from the Blue Mountain Care Center. Bill Baucum also came along to visit with Thelma, I think.

And if you looked really hard, you could tell that the floor in the dining hall was a lot brighter. Thanks to those who had a part in cleaning it.

So we enjoyed chicken Parmesan, rice pilaf, spinach, a roll and red or green Jell-O for dessert. Good stuff!

Do you have trouble keeping track of the gifts you obtain throughout the year for various gift-giving occasions that come up? I have a certain place in the attic where I store all such items. The problem is that when I am out and about attending yard sales, thrift stores or other places with goodies, I get things and hope I don’t already have the same thing purchased! At least now I know where to look before each gift-giving occasion. And there is another one coming up on Oct. 16.

We had to call for a tow for our pickup. It wouldn’t even get up enough gumption to get out of the driveway so we could drive it to the mechanic. Turned out to be a fuel pump going bad. We are so thankful that that did not happen on our big all-day journey through Bonita! So we are reduced to one vehicle now. Now isn’t that a “first world” problem? Tsk, tsk. Next time you are feeling sorry for yourself, take a look around and count your blessings: clean water at your fingertips, electric power at the flip of a switch and paved roads — no dust or mud. As the comedian said, “What a country!”

Psalm 33:12 “Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD …”

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