JOHN DAY—Monday, Sept. 2, the senior center was closed for Labor Day recognition.

On Tuesday, Sept. 3, 18 seniors from John Day and Mt. Vernon boarded the People Mover for a visit to the Monument Senior Center and had lunch with them. The trip over was great. It was a beautiful day for beginners, then all the memories of those who have lived in this area for many years. The ones of us that are fairly new to this area got a history lesson. It was great and very interesting.

When we arrived at the Monument Senior Center, we were greeted by many attendees there. Everyone was friendly and kind. The announcer told of several events happening in the Monument area. The food was delicious. We had spaghetti, the best most of us had eaten in a long time. They even had extra sauce to put on the spaghetti if desired. We had a beautiful green salad with several dressing choices. There was garlic bread and pears to go with it. Then there was iced spice cake for dessert. Drinks of choice were available too.

On the way home from Monument, we stopped at the John Day Fossil Beds for a look at all the history there was to be had. Many of us wish to return to spend more time there. Continuing home several historic items were pointed out. One interesting one was the long strip of water that was a landing strip for planes alongside the paved strip. Also, we saw the Painted Hills and many other sites. It was a great pleasant day.

Thursday at our John Day Senior Center we started off with sad news that Georgeanne Williams had passed away. She was in Veanne’s spot for several years prior to Veanne. Our regards go to her family, and we will remember her with warm thoughts. We have also lost Millie Belshaw, whom we hope and pray now dines with the heavenly host. We send regards to her family also.

We were treated to a very good lunch by our cooks Shay and Barbara, which consisted of apricot glazed pork chops, rice pilaf, cabbage and carrot salad, rolls and butter and birthday cake for dessert. There was orange juice, milk and coffee to drink. All 42 persons in attendance seemed to enjoy the meal and each other’s company.

The pledge of allegiance was led by Duane Andrew, and the blessing for our meal was led by Dale Stennett. Our servers were Don and Deeda Porter in memory of Jim and Carol Magee.

Forty-two meals were delivered. Someone brought in fresh produce of cucumbers, tomatoes and pears. Tom Roark, Jay Colson, Jimmy Maples and others all brought in food items. This is much appreciated by our community. Thanks to all of you.

Jan Ellison brought us a new flag for the pole. A large thanks to Jan.

Happy birthday to David Pasko, Balbina Esquidero, Joe Phippin and Don Porter! We gave birthday wishes and took a photo of all four of them together, as well as individual photos. Wishes for many more birthdays to all four of you.

Jan Ellison won the gift certificate for Chester’s Thriftway, and Ray Rickard won the free meal. Congratulations to you both.

There was much conversation by all in attendance, and everyone appeared to enjoy the meal and the company.

The whole lunchtime was very nice, and we would like to thank all of you who attend our lunches and support our senior center. We would also like to thank our cooks and servers and all who help clean up after meals.

John 3:16 “For God so loved the world (each one of us) that HE gave HIS only begotten SON so that whosoever believes on HIM shall have everlasting life.”


Did you feel that shift in the weather all of a sudden? Maybe it is just me, but I feel like summer suddenly turned high tail and took off. The bit of coolness is welcome, though. It definitely has been a very mild summer to say the least. But I am not even close to being ready for fall! I have so much to do, oh dear. I will just have to suck it up and make the most of what is left, before the real cold weather hits.

Our cooks Terry Cade and Carrie Jewell did a wonderful job of making us some tasty spaghetti, garlic bread, a fresh green salad, canned pears and chocolate frosted cookies for our dessert. We thank them profusely for all that they do for us.

We had quite a crowd who came to join us for lunch from John Day. Chris Labhart was kind enough to drive 18 ladies and gentlemen to our Monument Senior Center with the People Mover van. I don’t think I can fit everyone’s names here so I will just give a shout of thanks to all that came. We appreciate your support and hope that you all enjoyed the meal and fellowship. We hope you come back again real soon.

Our greeters at the table were Jimmy Cole, Kristi Guimont and Ricki Doland. Jimmy and Kristi collected and counted the money. Ricki checked in the guests and wrote down the announcements. Bodean Andersen led us in the flag salute, made the announcements and prayed the blessing over our meal.

Our total number of guests on the books was 55 and three takeouts. The lucky winner of the Len’s Drug gift card went to one of the visitors from John Day, Jean Willey. The free meal ticket winners were Roger Bickel and yours truly.

So, Chris Labhart declared while we were doing announcements that the Monument Senior Center had the nicest bathrooms he ever saw. Thank you for the compliment! We are very grateful for all who helped make our senior center comfortable and nice for all who visit, with the hours of sweat and hard work from all the volunteers. I don’t want to boast and be prideful, but instead give all the glory to God for blessing us with this nice facility that we can share with all who enter through the doors.

We thank everyone who ever volunteered, who helped and who donated their time and generous gifts to help make our senior center a beautiful place for our community activities. Our senior center is an important and vital part of Monument. Meetings, trainings, senior lunch, fundraising, funerals, parties and other such events are held at the senior center.

Don’t forget the Buckaroo Festival coming up! All the events, the music, everything will be at the Monument Senior Center. There will be canopies put up so there will be lots of places to sit and enjoy your dinner outside as well as inside. See you there!

Philippians 2:13 “For it is God who worketh in you both to will and to do of His good pleasure.”

PRAIRIE CITY—We have a new “game” now. If you can discover the misspelled word in either Tom’s whiteboard message or my reader board menu, you can get an article from the Senior Sales Corner for free. So be sure to read!

Jean Kline led the flag salute, and Tom Roark asked the blessing. Carlos and Jay took care of the home deliveries. Carlos was also the winner of the $5 gift card donated by Len’s Drug. We had 54 names on the registration book, and they included Debra Rubio, Judy Bracken, Heather Swank, Mary Ellen Osborne and Millie Lysne — all first timers! Heather was here trying to recruit people to be census takers next year. Pay is good, so if you need a little job, just pick up the card and log on.

First table to go today had a number seven in the vase on the table. Why? Because, according to the old Roman calendar, September was the seventh month, and God rested on the seventh day. There’s your trivia for the day.

Amber and Laura fixed a delicious meatloaf, mashed potatoes and gravy, green salad, roll and a cookie, either peanut butter or oatmeal, for our meal today. You done good ladies.

Lorna and Krystin brought Marilyn Randall, Thelma Kite, Dawn Hindman and Arloa Martin from the Blue Mountain Care Center. Either Dawn or Arloa visited our little library and took a whole bag of books back to the center for her enjoyment. Hooray!

Announcement: Tai chi will start again on Sept. 18 at 11 a.m., so be prepared.

There was more Swiss chard and cucumbers to give away today. That big one that I got two weeks ago? The flesh was good, but the seeds were a little tough. I picked the last of my peas and pulled up the vines. The corn is showing a few little ears, the beets are doing good but still no sign of little cucumbers.

Ginger took home the survey responses today and will collate them for our board meeting on Sept. 17. Remember the following Tuesday, Sept. 24, will be the Operation Christmas Child packing party at 10 a.m. here in the hall.

Son Bert and family took a little trip to Astoria by way of the other John Day. Yes, Virginia, there really is another John Day — in Clatsop County. It is called Van Dusen now, though, according to the sixth edition of Oregon Geographic Names. But Bert and Co. said that they saw all kinds of signs for “John Day” this and “John Day” that. Hmmm.

Have you taken the time to read the quotation on the window in the lobby of the Prairie City Post Office? It read, “1N73LL1G3NC3 I5 7H3 4B1L17Y 70 4D4P7 70 CH4NG3” — 573PH3N H4WKING. Translation: “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change — Stephen Hawking.”

Proverbs 9:10 “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.”

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