Humbolt Elementary School students enjoyed petting and learning about livestock on Thursday afternoon, courtesy of Grant Union High School FFA chapter members.

Grant Union senior Drew Lusco brought his Boer goat doe named Spaghetti, who seemed to enjoy the attention of the children as they lined up to pet her.

Lusco told the students about some of the features of a doe including the horns and how they differ from the bucks.

FFA members Raney and Cinch Anderson brought Hereford cattle from their family ranch, and Sage Browning helped them as the students came up to pet the animals.

First-grader Wyatt Lieuallen said he was impressed with how big the animals were.

Showing students a couple sheep were FFA members Ellie Justice and Janie Koopman.

“We’re glad to have an opportunity to teach the youth in our community about different agricultural commodities in Grant County,” Justice said.

“They’re really excited and happy to pet the animals, and they’re very interested to learn about these animals,” Koopman added.

The students also learned about chickens, rabbits and pigs, which were also on hand to pet.

Parker Manitsas, who is the FFA Strawberry Mountain District president, said he and Isaac Koopman shared what FFA is all about and that the students can look forward to joining in high school, if they’d like.

FFA Adviser Wayne Suchorski, who is also the new vocational/agriculture teacher at Grant Union this year oversaw the members who helped structure the event.

Suchorski is from Klamath Falls and has 10 years experience in teaching vo/ag.

He said he appreciated all those “who came together to make it a successful event” and said they plan to make it an annual activity.

Suchorski said Grant School District Superintendent Bret Uptmor, Grant Union Principal Ryan Gerry and Humbolt Principal Darbie Dennison all had a part in bringing the schools together.

“We’re bringing those older students as mentors down to the elementary and giving the kids access to what they’re going to be able to do when they get to high school,” said Uptmor, who said Ag Field Day is also a nationwide event. He added he was glad to see the older students share their expertise with the younger students.

“The event was a great success and enjoyed by all students,” said Dennison. “On behalf of all students and staff at Humbolt, I’d like to send a big thank you to Mr. Suchorski and his students.”


Angel Carpenter is a reporter for the Blue Mountain Eagle. She can be contacted at or 541-575-0710.

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