Whiskey Gulch Gang celebrating 62' days

Whiskey Gulch Gang members celebrate ‘62 Days on June 15.

While there were modifications and bad weather during the 99th celebration of ’62 Days, community members still came to help out and enjoy the event.

Colby Farrell of the Whiskey Gulch Gang, which organizes the ’62 Days Celebration, said the event had a smaller turnout than years past due to the rain and restrictions, but it was still a moment for people to attend and be with other members in the community.

“We weren’t expecting a huge turnout because it was not quite our normal celebration, but a few people did come through and more came toward the end, and I think they had a really good time,” Farrell said.

The biggest highlight for Farrell in this experience was being able to see it all come to fruition and show people that, even with everything going on, an event like this can still happen.

Farrell spent a lot of time planning for the event and said Emergency Operations Center staffer Nathan Gordanier told him he spent 40 to 50 hours researching the regulations and had the plan approved by the EOC’s core medical group, Canyon City officials and the state.

“I appreciate all the support that we got, and hopefully this will make it so that other events can start happening and we can return to some sense of normalcy in the county,” Farrell said.

The group is waiting to see what will happen with the demolition derby, especially with the news of a spike in cases of COVID-19 in counties around Oregon, but they are doing everything they can to make it happen, he said.

Next year, for the 100th celebration, Farrell hopes things will be easier. He said, if anyone has any ideas or wants to get involved, contact the Whiskey Gulch Gang. He said it would be nice to bring back some of the old attractions, such as the Medicine Wagon Show, and some of the old contests.


Rudy Diaz is a reporter for the Blue Mountain Eagle. Contact him at rudy@bmeagle.com or 541-575-0710.

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