Veterans honored in Monument

Front row, from left: Jerry Cowger, Dan Derowitsch, Bruce Strange, Bo Lawrence, Max Breeding, Craig Ensign and Dan Morrow; second row, Doug Sweek, Jim Jenkins, Darrell Howe, Katee Hoffman, Cheltz Cox, Gene Hunt, Edward Bustardo and Suzi Mael (with husband Jim Mael's photo); third row: Ken Kindig, Clay Engle, Mike Schaffer, Bill Nichols, DJ Brown, Christopher Breeding, Allen Reilly, Ted Phelps, Gary Engle and Gregg Smith; back row, Ron Brisbois, Chuck Thomas, Dennis Abraham, Bill Turner, Larry Vote, Gary Gregg, Leon Skiles, Jim Davenport, Walt Reid, Dennis Davis, Ray Davis and Gary Doland.

A total of 150 people filled the Monument Senior Center on Nov. 11 for a Veterans Day luncheon and special presentation.

Quilts of Valor were gifted to 47 veterans, presented by Charlotte Barker and Judy Harris.

The quilts were sewn and pieced by local residents Harris, Cathy Woods, Cheryl Ringering, Pattie Engle, Sue Cavender, Silvia Cockrell, Lonnie Lawrence and Jeanne Strange.

The quilting was done by Janice Dickens and Mary Lou Drury of Mt. Vernon and Susan McGuire of Spokane.

The Quilts of Valor Foundation is a nationwide nonprofit in which members sew quilts to certain specifications to give to veterans in honor of their service.

“Many volunteers showed up to make this event so successful,” Strange said. “It’s amazing what this community does to support one another.”

Harris organized the dinner which was sponsored by the veterans.

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