The Wayne Stewart Scholarship for the 2019-2020 school year is awarding $535,600 to 103 students.

Each is receiving a scholarship of $5,200.

Recipients who have consented to having their names published include: Erika Adams, Jennie Adams Vertz Purcell, Beau Bigo, Amy Black, Kade Blood, Levi Burke, Erin Cantrell, Ely Carniglia, Shyannah Carr, Hailey Carter, Jessica Carter, George Clark, Jeremiah Clark, Victoria Coalwell, Caroline Colson, Cody Combs, Andrea Comer, Amy Cook, Brett Copenhaver, McKinzie Dawson, Kiley Derrick, Kevin Eddy, Tanner Elliott, Kyla Emerson, Bud Farmer, Hannah Flower, Virginia Frazier, Donald Gabbard, Nathan Gehley, Stephanie Gilbert, Sandra Gladish, Cameron Hallgarth, James Hercher, Cassandra Hire, Trinity Hutchison, Declan Jensen, James Johnson, Nicole Jones, Maggie Justice, Teela Kilby, Roen Langum, Avery Lenz, Grant LeQuieu, Kelsey Long, Colton Madden, Daven Mauseth, Jennifer McCloskey, Taylor McCluskey, Ty McDaniel, Madison McKrola, Mariah Meyerholz, McKeely Miller, Alcie Moore, Elisa Moore, Alondra Moreno, Avaley Mortimore, Heather Mosley, Mariah Moulton, Railey Namitz, Katharine Nicolato, Shanna Northway, Jeffrey Parolini, Jay Patel, Haley Pfefferkorn, Skylar Powell, Dawson Quinton, Katrina Randleas, Savanna Randleas, Lindsay Rausch, Jozie Rude, Meggan Russell, Diana Sandersfeld, Faythe Schafer, Reagan Shelley, Marissa Smith, Nicholas Springer, Duane Stokes, Macy Strong, Maya Thomas, Preslie Thompson, Sydney Thompson, Jandy Torland, Carmen Vaughan, Cauy Weaver, Fallon Weaver, Wyatt Weaver, Jessica Winegar, Brennon Witty, Mackenzie Woodcock, Carleanne Wright, Hailie Wright, Mariah Wright, Nathan Wunz, Reitta Wyllie, Amaya Zweygardt and Brianna Zweygardt.


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