Here’s a round-up of enrollment numbers, new staff and other changes at Grant County schools for the 2015-16 academic year.

Curt Shelley is the new superintendent for Grant District No. 3, replacing Mark Witty, who resigned after last year.

Staff numbers listed for District 3 do not include eight bus drivers, one mechanic and three cafeteria employees. Enrollment numbers for all the schools are an estimate, since students are registering for this year.

Full-day kindergarten will be required in all the schools in Grant County and throughout Oregon for the first time this year.

• 270 students, grades 7-12

• 29 teachers and staff

New staff

• Ryan Gerry, principal

Curriculum, schedule changes

• New math program for grades 7-8

• Randy Hennen will teach a new natural science course.

• 289 students, grades K-6

• 36 teachers and staff

New staff

• Kim Smith, principal

• Jeffrey Allen, grade 4

• Eva Vaughan, special education

• Joan Walczyk, grade 2


• Newly painted hallway, with a landscape theme near the office.

• 31 students, grades K-6

• Five teachers and staff

• 140 students, grades K-12

• 25 teachers and staff

New staff

• Julie Gurczynski, superintendent/principal

• Paul Bartels, social studies

• Meghan Tremblay, grades 5 and 6

• Amanda Rockhill, educational assistant

• Sabrina Howard, Title 1 assistant

• Rocky Prince, maintenance

Curriculum, schedule changes

• Elementary grade groupings: K, 1-2, 3-4 and 5-6

• New English language arts curriculum for grades 7-12


• Gym floors refinished

• New carpeting in elementary wing

• 47 students, grades K-12

• 21 teachers and staff

New staff

• Kathryn Hedrick, superintendent/principal


• Playground spruced up with new thick base of wood chips under structures surrounded by plastic border timber.

• 34 students, grades K-8; 20 students, grades 9-12

• Five teachers, 10 other staff

Curriculum, schedule changes

• Several online and college classes are offered.

• 34 students, grades K-12

• Five teachers, eight other staff

New staff

• Julie Mennenga, high school English and social studies

• Karl Coghill, junior high and high school electives


• New commercial laminate flooring in the library and main hallways.

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