Local city council and mayor elections

Following are final unofficial results from Grant County Clerk Brenda Percy Tuesday evening.

Long Creek Mayor

Don Porter was re-elected as mayor of Long Creek.

Don Porter: 61

Daniel Morrow: 39

David Holland, Steve Schuette and Don Willey were elected to the John Day City Council.

Richie Colbeth: 228

David Holland: 498

Steve Schuette: 406

Don Willey: 519

Chris B. Labhart: 393

Russ Comer, Francis Kocis and Rachelle Simmons were elected to the Canyon City City Council.

Russ Comer: 182

Judy Kerr: 65

Nathan Gordanier: 83

Francis Kocis: 182

Rachelle Simmons: 235

Mike Cearns Sr. and Eva Dougharity were elected to the Mt. Vernon City Council.

Shilo Burton-Harper: 107

Mike Cearns Sr.: 123

Eva Dougharity: 170

Drew Harmer: 41

Justin A. May: 56

Phillip “Joe” Phippen, Georgia Patterson and Frank Primozic were elected to the Prairie City City Council.

Phillip “Joe” Phippen: 266

Georgia Patterson: 299

Frank Primozic: 243

Brent M. Near was elected to the Long Creek City Council.

Joseph Gibson: 46

Brent M. Near: 50

Mike Jaques and David Mosteit were elected to the Granite City Council.

Mike Jaques: 10

David Mosteit: 7

Kathy Mosteit: 6

Steve D. Smith: 5

Long Creek voted in favor of Measure 12-64 which prohibits production, processing, wholesaling, dispensing and retailing marijuana within the city limits.

Yes: 79

No: 25

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