JOHN DAY - John Day's Mayor Roger Simonsen made a proclamation concerning Sept. 11, "A Day to Remember."

Resolution No. 02-508-42 states:

Whereas, the unprovoked attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, upon America by foreign terrorists have thrust the United States, and other countries, into a war it never envisioned, militarily or diplomatically; and

Whereas, the challenges facing all the civilized people of the world as they relate to the war on terrorism will not end until those fanatics responsible are eliminated or brought to justice; and

Whereas, America is fully committed through Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Noble Eagle to ensure our freedoms remain unfettered and sovereign for all generations, now and forever; and

Whereas, world opinion needs to remain focused upon the eradication of these inhuman acts perpetuated around the globe; and

Whereas, one way to accomplish this is to NEVER FORGET that those innocent victims did not die in vain; and

Whereas, America can fight back by reminding the world that the deaths of these people will always be remembered and they will be forever loved; and

Whereas, a noble and appropriate way to accomplish this is through the annual celebration of living, and

Whereas, This commemoration should be held each Sept. 11 throughout the land to include:

The promotion of global peace and goodwill;

The demonstration of America's resolve and perseverance to win the war on terrorism;

The advancement of responsible citizenship;

The encouragement of patriotism and love of country; and

The poignant remembrance of those innocent victims that died on Sept. 11, as heroes, one and all;

Now therefore be it resolved, as the Mayor of the City of John Day, I am issuing this proclamation to memorialize those men, women and children who lost their lives; and be it further resolved, that this proclamation be publicized for all to see and know that the citizens of John Day remember with eternal respect those whose lives were suddenly, without cause, and pointlessly taken from them on Sept. 11, 2001.

May They Forever Rest In Peace and Abide In Our Memories.

Respectfully submitted and approved on this 27th day of August, 2002 - signed Mayor Roger Simonsen.  

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