Dozens of animals were auctioned off to local businesses to help support hardworking youth at the Grant County Fair’s livestock auction.

Steer, swine, lambs and a goat, all raised by members of the local 4-H clubs, were sold.

Raney Anderson raised this year’s 1,254-pound reserve grand market champion steer, which sold for $3.75 a pound. This is her third year raising and selling a steer, and she plans to do it again next year.

“Every one is a new experience, a different experience,” she said. “This year, my steer was the thoroughbred champion, so I’ve never had that happen before.”

Anderson said the hardest part is getting the animal ready for the show, including washing, feeding and watering the animal.

“I kind of just naturally started showing,” she said. “I wanted to, too. It wasn’t like I was forced into it.”

Her brother, Cinch Anderson, also sold his 1,354-pound steer for $2.40 a pound at the auction.

It was the sixth steer he has sold in as many years.

Cinch said the work leading up to the fair can be tough, but the fair itself is always a really good time.

“My mom grew up doing it, I enjoy doing it and I’ve done it almost my entire life,” he said.

It’s a good way to make money for college, Cinch said, and he plans on raising another animal next year.

Shannon Springer said the auction is important for the 4-H kids because profits from the auction allow them to fund other projects.

“It’s the important final step in their market project because they’ve taken a young animal and raised it, fed it, cared for it through the time it takes to grow up,” Springer said.

Grand champion market swine: Preston Boethin, 267 pounds, sold to Timbers Bistro for $10 per pound.

Reserve grand champion market swine: Sarah Ennis, 258 pounds, sold to Chester’s Thriftway for $5.75 per pound.

Grand champion market steer: Reece Jacobs, 1,261 pounds, sold to Triangle Oil for $5 per pound.

Reserve grand champion market steer: Raney Anderson, 1,254 pounds, sold to Chester’s Thriftway for $3.75 per pound.

Champion market goat: Gauge Jenks, 68 pounds, sold to Ed Staub and Sons for $6.50 per pound.

Grand champion market lamb: Erika Dickens, 140 pounds, sold to Timbers Bistro for $7.50 per pound.

Reserve grand champion market lamb: Adeline Northway, 142 pounds, sold to Bank of Eastern Oregon for $7 per pound.

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