Of course it'll burn, ez enny fool kin see

All it takes is lightning to strike one tree

When things get dry and hot, late in the summer

Then fire payrolls are big, but that's a bummer.

Of course we can't cut it, we're out of luck

They're awful scared someone might make a buck

But we'll make it big, cause Al Gore and company

Will bring us tourists to hug a charcoal tree.

They'll sail up our streams and park in our fields

We might sell 'em some gas and feed 'em some meals

Great gobs of water in the river to float their barge

Flow from here to Celilo via Picture Gorge.

Since we don't feel the need to farm, log or mine

We can join in the fishing and have a great time

We can sell 'em some worms, help 'em

patch up their boats

But I object to helping with their wild oats.

We'll watch bears, cats and wolves do what

they naturally do

Like National Geographic - no need for a zoo

We'll feed all those predators

our cows and ewes

And maybe a horse or two, we'll have to choose.

And all the time the flames of Hell we're fanning

The whole mess a result of centralized planning.

By Pierre Jones of Mt. Vernon

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