Many of us remember the way; the events unfolded that September day

When the buildings entirely banished

And thousands of lives were suddenly vanished.

Millions fell silent all over the earth

Fear, mixed with anger, quickly gave birth.

Though structures and souls were laid to the grave,

Something inside us still never gave.

From carnage and wreckage, shown from above,

A light from Ground Zero symbolized hope and our love.

Our hearts and our hands came together as one

Showing the world who really had won,

But we still pushed the test

Accepting loved one's eternal rest.

On our knees we still cried for the lives that had died,

But the time moved on, and we soon realized

No matter how hard it was to rise up at dawn

That our will, would press our lives on.

Though truth had been faced,

Our nation embraced

Instead of quitting from this deadly sin

The United States became united again.

Sailing with pain and love that filled those smoky skies,

From our strong rugged fist Old Glory still flies!

Sterling Horn is a sophomore at Grant Union High School and this poem was inspired by the events of Sept. 11.

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