HK closure

The HK Fire Emergency Road Closures include Forest Road 2107-020, FR 2107-021 and FR 2100-122. The area closure is no longer in effect.

Forest officials will further reduce the area and road closure for the HK Complex to provide access to Umatilla National Forest lands not impacted by the wildfire or suppression efforts.

Effective Aug. 30, all forest roads will be re-opened for public access except FR 2107-020 and 2100-122. Additionally, access into the dispersed campsite from FR 2107-21 (which is closed to motor vehicle access) will also remain closed. The area closure will no longer be in effect. A full description of the remaining road closures is available on the Umatilla National Forest website at

The HK Complex is estimated at 2,707 acres and 100% contained, but the fire is still active within the interior. The public is asked to avoid entering the remaining closure area, which is still in place for public and firefighter safety. Firefighters continue to conduct suppression and repair activities, including mopping up hot spots and hazard tree removal. The HK Complex is located approximately 15 miles north of Monument.

Fire officials want to remind everyone that the current fire danger rating remains high and Public Use Restrictions involving chainsaw use are in effect.

For more information regarding Umatilla National Forest Public Use Restrictions, call 877-958-9663.

The latest fire information will be posted on the Blue Mountains Fire Information Blog. To receive updates on fires in the Blue Mountains, visit

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