Art in the Park: They know it when they see it

Jack Kight plans to put his 1940 Plymouth on display at the annual Show-n-Shine car show Saturday at Prairie City Park, Prairie City. Kight is a member of the Grant County Kruzers. For more information, contact Carla Wright, (541) 820-3510, or go online at <a href=

PRAIRIE CITY - There is no accounting for a person's taste, particularly when it comes to art, which just might be the most subjective thing of all, except for love, maybe.

Passion is a big part of art, in the creating and in the appreciation. Whether the art is good depends on who's looking at it. One person's masterpiece on canvas is another person's doormat.

Art is one of those things that a person knows when he sees it, and it doesn't matter if anyone else agrees with him.

Art lovers and others will have plenty to discuss Saturday at the city park, when the 2nd Annual Arts and Crafts in the Park shares display space with the Grant County Kruzers' Show and Shine car show.

Arts and crafts such as handmade dolls, children's furniture and table settings specially made for Christmas will be in the gazebo area, while the four-wheeled variety will be parked in the center of the park.

It's the first time the two shows have shared space in the same park.

If necessary, any overflow will extend to the nearby closed Texaco station.

A Huckleberry Pancake Breakfast served by the FFA from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. will start the festivities.

The arts and craft show will run from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m..

The car show starts at 8 a.m. and will rev its engines until 3 p.m. The FFA will reopen its kitchen from noon to 2 p.m. to serve a lunch of roast pork.

The Travellin' Jones Band will provide evening entertainment at Shoshoni Winds.

Among the demonstrations, will be the techniques involved in creating paintings with watercolor and how to make a basket from pine needles.

Wood carvings and jewelry will be on sale, and the students from Talents and Treasures volunteer art group will display their work done in classes throughout the year.

Jack Kight, of Prairie City, doesn't do watercolor or wood carvings. He prefers metal, as in the 1940 Plymouth he'll drive to the park Saturday.

"I've always liked old cars," Kight said as he showed off his wheels to a visitor at his home near the ballfield.

The Plymouth is just Kight's lastest motorized antique. He has owned a 1929 Chevy, a 1948 Ford, a 1956 Chevy and a 1946 Ford.

"I fix 'em up, get bored, then find someone to sell it to, then start looking around for another one," Kight said.

He already has his eye on a 1939 Ford in Missouri he found on eBay.

Kight, 62, is retired from the Grant Western Lumber Co. He and his good friend, Mike Greer, share a passion for old cars.

"He's the mechanic, does most of the work," Kight said. "I help him."

Kight's Plymouth placed first at a car show July 24 in Westlinn, but that same weekend in Newburg it didn't get a prize.

Greer's 1940 coupe placed second at Westlinn.

"There were only three cars," Kight said.

The Kruzer show is in its eighth year.

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