CANYON CITY - Here's a glance some of the issues that went before the County Court at its May 3 meeting:

• Clerk Kathy McKinnon reported that 262 ballots for the May 16 primary were returned as undeliverable, for various reasons, such as moving out of the county.

She said she cannot do anything about forwarding for post office boxes, but she sent out 65 letters for returned ballots that have physical addresses.

Additional costs were noted associated with sending notices on undeliverable ballots. It was pointed out that sending notices on undeliverable ballots is not required.

"The new voting machine was wonderful," she said.

The clerk confirmed that 4,522 county voters received a ballot.

• There was discussion about how long the county wants to continue chip sealing (typically buys an additional three-five years of road life) associated with the rapidly increasing cost of petroleum products. Chip sealing county roads costs approximately $300,000. Roadmaster Mark Hensley talked about sealing and painting asphalt that some counties are doing now instead of chip sealing.

• Public Health Administrator Karen Triplett reported that the Board of Pharmacy recently conducted an inspection and would provide a list of findings. She indicated that the jail has never been registered with the Board of Pharmacy, which she understood was a requirement for dispensing meds.

Triplett said the inspector informed her he would change some policies and procedures, and also expressed some concerns about the way meds are being handed out.

Triplett suggested that the county solicit competitive bids to the public (by statute) for providing medication at the jail.

• The court approved a recommendation by Tripleett that the court sign a Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Tennessee Data Access Agreement.

Triplett said that the agreement would enable the department to access the Medicare website for all reports and explanation of benefits.

She indicated that Medicare billing is being done now by hand, which can sometimes be subject to rejection.

Triplett said that Medicare claims would be sent electronically over the plan network system and would likely not be rejected. A one-time $200 fee was needed for the license and network connection plus a laptop computer would need to be hooked up to a modem to access the network.

She felt the electronic billing system would save time and money once it is implemented.

• The court addressed a request by Melanie DeJong to contribute $1,050 in matching funds toward the cost to remove tires that have been deposited at the Grant County Metal Cleanup site in Prairie City.

It was noted that the county appreciates the group's initiative; however, there is no current evidence that revenue received from the cleanup project was used outside Prairie City.

In addition, the court was hesitant since Prairie City asked the county to develop an Economic Development Coordinator position yet in recent years it has consistently declined its share of financial support.

• For a look at the complete minutes of the May 3 meeting, go to Readers can find the approved minutes of County Court meetings as recorded by Mary Ferrioli, the court secretary, on the Eagle's website. The minutes can be found in the County Minutes subsection under News.

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