Here are five top routes to try out:

• The 192-mile Old West route, previously known as Wild Rivers, received the distinction in 2011 as one of Oregon’s nine Scenic Bikeways. The trip takes cyclists through varied scenic vistas, following three rivers. It also features varied wildlife and points of interest along the way, including nationally recognized sites such as Kam Wah Chung Chinese Heritage Museum, 125 NW Canton St in John Day, and the John Day Fossil Beds and Thomas Condon Paleontology Center, northwest of Dayville. A challenging loop, the ride begins in John Day at the corner of Highway 26/Main Street and Canton Street near the Grant County Chamber of Commerce, 301 W. Main St. The route follows Highway 26 west to County Road 20, Highway 395, Highway 402 and back to Highway 26.

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• The 73-mile Strawberry Mountain Wilderness Loop is a beautiful, yet challenging route, taking riders through varied terrain, looping from John Day to Prairie City, depending on the direction you’d like to go.

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• The 80-mile Murderers Creek route begins at Strawberry Ridge, 15

miles south of John Day. The tour provides a mainly remote ride through ponderosa forestland, along a beautiful creek valley and unique rock outcroppings as well as high desert meadows. The paved ride passes through wildhorse range.

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• The 14-mile Prairie Valley Loop is a pleasant, easy ride which includes 10 miles of paved road and 4 miles of very smooth-packed gravel. The Riverside School House Bed & Breakfast is located about halfway through the ride.

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• The 11-mile Marysville Loop gives riders breathtaking views of Canyon Mountain and the John Day Valley.

Starting in John Day, cyclists head east on Highway 26 for three miles, turning right onto Dog Creek Road. After a little over a mile, the paved road takes a 90-degree right turn onto Marysville Road/County Road 52. Riders descend into Canyon City and take a right turn, heading north on Highway 395 back into John Day.

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