CANYON CITY - Voters have elected three school board members in Grant School District 3.

Results for the May 17 election give the nod to the top three vote-getters: Mike Cosgrove, Greg Jackle and Tracie Unterwegner.

According to the Grant County Clerk's Office, the tallies were: Tracie Unterwegner, 614; Mike Cosgrove, 565; Greg Jackle, 433; Zach Williams, 421; Charles Amling - 289.

Results in other school district elections include:

• Grant Education Service District: Director at large, Kim Joslin, 1,083 votes. Directors elected by zone were: Zone 1, Megan Brandsma, 468; Zone 2, Dana Brooks, 169; Zone 3, Robert Cockrell, 133; Zone 4, Becky Tatum, 175; Zone 5, John Stearns, 159.

• Dayville School District 16J: Position 4, Sydney Thompson, 51; Position 5, Daniel Driscoll, 64.

• Long Creek School District 17: Position 2, Mark Manning, 65; Position, 3, Leslie Barnett, 66; Position 4, Beverly Johns, 57; Position 5, Cindy Wilburn, 62.

• Prairie City School District 4: Position 1, Andrea Ennis, 171; Position 4, Douglas Emmel, 186; Position 5, Margie L. Walton, 160; Position 7, Mike Billman, 170.

•Monument School District 8: Position 7, Carrie Jewell, 45; Position 3, Chad Engle, 68; Position 4, no one filed, but five people received two votes each: Julie Smith, Bob Cox, Josh Hamilton, Lorraine Vogt and Paul Cooper.

Results of other special district elections are online at:


Special district elections

• Blue Mountain Hospital District - Director at large, Amy Kreger, 1,135; Position 3, Steve McKern, 1,129; Position 4, Virginia Miller, 1,102; Position 5, Jack Southworth, 1,200.

• John Day Rural Fire Protection District: decided by write-ins, Bob Batten, 19; Jerry Daake, 19; Ken Bremner, 19; Dean Elliott, 20.

• Mt. Vernon Rural Fire Protection District: two positions filled by John Chandler, 63, and Steven Silva, 74.

• Prairie City Rural Fire Protection District: three positions filled by Blaine Huffman, 69; George Winegar, 68; Margie L. Walton, 59.

• John Day/Canyon City Parks and Recreation District: no filings for the sole opening, but 54 write-in votes were cast for 36 people. Tied with the largest tally, four apiece, were Russ Young and Bill Thomas.

• Grant County Transportation District: Charlie O'Rorke, 1,117; Shelley Bezona, 907; write-in Byron Haberly, 3. For a fourth spot, seven people got 2 write-in votes apiece: Fred Gardner, Mike Cosgrove, Roger Simonsen, Zach Williams, Richie Colbeth, Dean Nodine, Peggy Molnar.

• Mid-County Cemetery District: Dean Nodine, 822.

Other district seats with no filings also are being filled by write-ins. Grant County Clerk Brenda Percy said that where there is no clear winner, the districts will need to contact the Secretary of State's office and determine their best way to settle the board election.

• Dayville Cemetery District (one post): Daron Dierks, 11.

• Fox Cemetery District (three posts): Jack Johns, 3; Kenneth Brooks, 3; Amanda Born, 1.

• Long Creek Cemetery District (one post): Wanda McHatton, 18.

• Monument Cemetery District (two posts): Jim Stubblefield, 37; Robert Cockrell, 31.

• Prairie Cemetery District (two posts): Tim Cooley, 7; Delores Young, 3.

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