JOHN DAY - Libraries of Eastern Oregon (LEO) has published two books that celebrate Eastern Oregon, with proceeds to benefit area public libraries including the Grant County Library.

The 226-page "A Sense of Place" anthology is a collection of juried poems, essays and short stories by several dozen residents across the 15 counties served by LEO, as well as some previously-published poets.

The collection includes works by persons of all ages, with these writings selected from nearly 500 entries. Contributors include Grant County writers Lorene Allen, Jody Foss, Jennifer Harris, Angie Johnson and Robin Roberts.

"Writing Home" is a 67-page book on the art of creative writing, intended to inspire persons of all ages to write from the experience of place. It was developed by creative writing instructor and poet/essayist Rob Whitbeck, of Winlock.

Both books have covers featuring original oil paintings by Fossil artist Daniel Robinson. The books are printed by Maverick Publications of Bend.

Proceeds will go to a special LEO fund for community programs at libraries across the region. Nearly all of the public libraries in the region are without resources in their annual budgets for community programs and several still operate at less than $17 per capita per year - or less than the cost of one hardcover book.

The anthology costs $12.95 each for one to three copies, plus $3.50 postage and handling. Four or more copies cost $9.95 each plus $2.75 total for postage and handling.

Writing Home is available at $9.95 each for 1-3 copies plus $2.75 postage & handling; four or more copies are $8.50 each plus $2.50 postage & handling.

For a link to more information, visit To buy copies, send a check to Libraries of Eastern Oregon, P.O. Box 11, Moro, Oregon 97037.

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