JOHN DAY - The new year got off to a shaky start for single mother Dianne Cagle and her teenage daughter, Nicole. They left town to visit relatives for Christmas and returned Dec. 29 to find their home at Riverside Trailer Park had been burglarized.

A neighbor, Linda Grover, who was watching the Cagle's home, taking in mail and caring for their pets, discovered the break-in on the afternoon of Dec. 22 and called 911.

Robert Wedel, 35, was arrested Dec. 23. He was charged with one count of first-degree burglary, according to District Attorney Christie Timko.

A rock was thrown through the sliding-glass door of Cagle's home, and among items missing were a VCR/DVD player and as many as 35 DVDs. Four of the DVDs were new, including "Polar Express" and "Madagascar," and were gifts from Nicole's grandmother.

Also stolen, Cagle said, was a Christmas card with $35 enclosed that Nicole had saved on her own and had planned to give to a local family needing financial help for their baby daughter's medical needs. It was on top of the VCR/DVD player.

Feeling violated and unsafe, the Cagles spent their first night back at Grover's home.

She wished someone noticed the intrusion, she said, and she hoped that a Neighborhood Watch program can be started.

"The thing that hurts the most is that Nicole collected all that money for baby Jade and it was gone," Cagle said.

Mother and daughter are sleeping a little better now that the broken sliding-glass door has been replaced with a wall and metal door.

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