CANYON CITY - Dozens of Grant County residents have stepped up to run for seats on various local schools, parks, fire, transportation and cemetery boards in the May election.

County Clerk Brenda Percy said ballots will go in the mail April 29.

A few positions drew no filings - or fewer filings than the available openings - by the deadline, so write-ins are expected to fill those seats.  

Voters will receive ballots listing the candidates for districts in which they reside.

Here are the board positions and candidates, by district. Positions are for a single seat unless otherwise noted. 

• Grant County Education Service District - At large, John Stearns, John Day; Zone 1, Megan Brandsma, John Day; Zone 2, no filing; Zone 4, Becky Tatum, Prairie City; Zone 5, no filing.

• Grant County Transportation District - At large (elect four), Veronica Flanery; At large (elect three), Deronda Lallatin, Ron Smith, Shelley Bezona.

• Dayville School District No. 16 - Pos. 2, Casey Fretwell; Pos. 3, Tandi Merkord; Pos. 4, Sydney Thompson; Pos. 5, Gina Fisher.

• Long Creek School District No. 17 - Pos. 1, Patti Hudson; Pos. 2, Jasmine Cave; Pos. 4, James Kreamier; Pos. 5, Michael Gibson.

• Grant School District No. 3 - At large (elect three), Zach Williams, Amy Stiner, Tracie Unterwegner; Zone 1, Kelly Stokes; Zone 3, Ben Holliday.

• Prairie City School District No. 4 - Pos. 3, no filing; Pos. 4, Douglas Emmel; Pos. 5, Margie Walton; Pos. 7, no filing.

• Monument School District No. 8 - At large No. 2, Leland Spencer; At large Nos. 3, 4, 7, no filing.

• John Day Rural Fire District - At  large (elect three), Dean Elliott, Dale Stennett; At large (elect two) Bill Wilcox, Todd McKinley.

• Mt. Vernon Rural Fire District - At large (elect two), Steven Silva, Neil Bauer.

• Prairie City Rural Fire District - At large (elect three), no filings.

• John Day/Canyon City Parks & Recreation District - At large (elect two), Zach Williams, Russ Young.

• Blue Mountain Hospital District - Pos. No. 1, Karla Averett; No. 3, Aaron Lieuallen, Dotty Parsons; Pos. No. 4, Virginia Miller; Pos. No. 5, Hal Smith, Marsha Delaney; At large, Amy Kreger.

• Dayville Cemetery District - At large, no filing.

• Fox Cemetery District - At large (elect two), Jack Johns; At large (elect one), no filing.

• Long Creek Cemetery District - At large, Wanda McHatton.

• Mid County Cemetery District - At large, Mike Moore; At large, Julie Ellison.

• Monument Cemetery District - At large (elect two), no filing.

• Prairie Cemetery District - At large (elect two), Carla Wright, Jim Sullens.

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