HINES - The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife office in Hines is closed temporarily after a car crashed into the building at 237 S. Hines Blvd. Monday, Oct. 15.

The driver of the car later died at Harney District Hospital. Oregon State Police investigators believe alcohol was a factor in the crash. No ODFW employees were present in the building at the time of the crash.

An Oregon State Police trooper and a Hines police officer witnessed the crash, which occurred about 11:45 p.m. Police said an Isuzu Trooper driven by Misty Brusseau was eastbound on Highway 20 at a high rate of speed when it went out of control, left the highway and crashed into the ODFW office. The car stopped partly inside the cinderblock building.

Police said Brusseau was not wearing a seatbelt.

Structural engineers are evaluating the building to determine if it is still safe to inhabit. The earliest the building will reopen is Thursday, Oct. 18, but the closure could last longer. ODFW will announce when the building reopens.

Customers who need to purchase a hunting or fishing license or tag can visit nearby point-of-sale agents B&B Sporting Goods, Big R and Rite Aid on Hwy 20 in the Hines/Burns area. Customers who require specialized service will need to go to the nearest ODFW office, which is the John Day field office, an hour away from Hines at 305 North Canyon Blvd in Canyon City, telephone (541) 575-1167.

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