Cash the Cat: Three legs of love

Cash the cat relaxes in the back room of the Canyon Creek Candle Company. A downtown John Day hobo cat that was fed at several businesses, Cash was hit by a car and had to have his right rear leg amputated. Gambler's Veterinary Clinic did the surgery after concerned citizens stepped up to take responsibility. With a place mat that reads, "Prince Cat," and food bowls in the shape of crowns, Cash is three-legged royalty. The incident made one observer wonder if Grant County needs a humane society. The Eagle/Scott Mallory

JOHN DAY - When the hobo cat didn't show up to eat one morning a couple of weeks ago, Shelly Bezona and Diane Stanbro at the Canyon Creek Candle Company just knew something was wrong.

"We missed him when he didn't show up," Bezona said.

The cat, a furry, orange purr machine, had made himself welcome at businesses downtown, getting meals and attention and even a toy from the folks at Hudson Insurance.

He didn't show up that morning because he'd been hit by a car on Main Street near the Outpost.Sharon Paddock saw it happen and took the cat to Gambler's Veterinary Clinic, where surgery repaired his broken pelvis, but couldn't save his right rear leg, which had to be amputated.

Sandy Johnson of Sandy's Happy Nails, one of the cat's regular stops, heard about the accident on the radio, and she and Bezona gathered the money to pay the vet bill, which gave the cat his name: Cash. He now lives in the back room of the candle shop.

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