Hello Grant County,

My gosh, I thought July was busy!

Kudos to everyone who participated in the decorating contest for the 110th Grant County Fair! What great support from our communities! Great job!

First off, there will be NO Chamber board meeting or membership luncheon this month due to the Fair.

It’s a busy time and the board would like to encourage everyone to enjoy the fair! If you haven’t bought your fair passes, carnival tickets, or Parmalee tickets, we are selling them at the Chamber office also.

The Chamber has elected a new Executive Committee for the 2019-2020 year. Jerry Franklin (We affectionately refer to him and “Mr. Chamber of Commerce”) is President, Sherrie Rininger is our President-Elect and Taci Philbrook is our Vice President.

Committees have been assigned and they will be meeting and bringing their recommendations to the Chamber board on an ongoing basis. Committees are: Budget, Marketing, Administration/Personnel, Community Outreach/Events, Membership and Faciities/Conestoga Wagon.

If you just read the various committees, you will have noticed that the Chamber has assumed the responsibility for the management and maintenance of the Landmark Conestoga Wagon located at the Dixie Summit Viewpoint. We are in the process of contacting existing and potential advertisers about advertising in the enclosed entry beneath the wagon. This area receives a large number of visitors every day! So, if you aren’t currently advertising there, and would like to, please contact the Chamber office at 541-575-0547.

See you at the Fair!

Tammy Bremner is the manager of the Grant County Chamber of Commerce.

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