Monte Legg

Monte Legg, John Day’s Public Works director.

John Day City Manager Nick Green said work at the Charolais Heights and Valley View intersection is ongoing, and he expected the city would soon complete paving.

Monte Legg, John Day’s public works director, said the project, which, according to past agenda documents, began in early spring, was slated to be completed in the fall.

Legg said the city had “setbacks” that included moving phone lines and other utilities, digging up a maintenance hole and replacing a cone.

He told the council that crews have put in storm drain systems, put down base rock, and would be starting curbing.

He said the community should start seeing some “real progress” in the coming weeks.

Legg said the radiuses and all of the intersections had been finalized and surveyed.

Nonetheless, John Day City Councilor Elliott Sky said he did not hear an actual completion date from Legg. According to Sky, people within the area had complained about not receiving any updates from the city on the project’s progress. Sky said he would like to give people a place to read about progress on street improvement projects in the future.

City Councilor Gregg Haberly told Sky that the city could not give people definitive timelines on street improvement projects like Charolais Heights.

Green said perhaps they could on the website, but in Charolais Heights, they kept taking down the neighborhood’s internet.

Legg said keeping the public informed had already been discussed and that they plan to update the city’s website after talking to the engineer and the contractor.

A community member in the audience told the council that they need to keep emergency service agencies aware of the project’s progress if they get a call. He said if they have an ambulance call, fire call or police call, they need to know how to get in.

Legg said that he had been in touch with the John Day Fire Chief and Rebekah Rand, Blue Mountain Hospital’s head of emergency services, about access and the project’s progress.

City Councilor Heather Rookstool suggested the city make drivers aware that, with school back in session, many kids from Charolais Heights walk down the dirt road to catch the school bus at the Seventh Street Complex parking lot.



Steven Mitchell is a reporter for the Blue Mountain Eagle. Contact him at or 541-575-0710.

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