Cheers to the Hospital Foundation

A toast was made to the foundation for the money raised. The Eagle/Marissa Allen

JOHN DAY - Champagne glasses were raised Saturday evening at the John Day Elks Lodge to the Blue Mountain Healthcare Foundation in celebration of $330,000 raised to purchase a new X-ray machine for the hospital.

Judy Krutsinger was honored with a gift from the foundation for her dedication to writing grants that assisted in the total amount raised.

Brenda Mosier and Wanda Winegar were elected by the nominating committee to fill two vacant seats on the board, with each holding a three-year term.

Dinner and drinks were served to an estimated 125 guests by the Elks members.

President of the foundation, Jack Southworth was the master of ceremonies for the evening's event, bringing higher bidding to the tables and laughs from all.

Gary Miller's ace of spades placed $260 in his wallet after winning the Lucky Card game, and with a throw of the dart, Patricia Webb's name was hit, making her the winner of $267.

With the silent auction's timer slowly ticking through the evening, many rivalries were established as the silent auction came to a close.

The real excitement did not begin until the 223 Winchester Model 70 with a Nikon Buckmaster scope was placed up for an oral bid. Bob Brooks, who was seated near the front of the room bid $690 on the gun. The bid was then given to the back of the room to a bidder raising his hand to $700. The duel caught the audiences' attention once it was realized that the bidder in the back was 8-year-old Rayce Houser.

Jack Southworth pointed to the back, "250 years of allowance, $750 to Rayce."

At that, Bob Houser, Rayce's father, stood up in complete amazement with his son being in control of the bid.

"What are you doing Rayce?," Bob said.

"Can I go ask my dad?," Rayce asked Southworth.

Rayce headed to the front of the room to discuss the financial aspect of things and met his competitor, Bob Brooks.

"If you bid the extra $10, I'll give it to you (the money)," Brooks said to Rayce.

After an approval from his father, Rayce raised his hand one last time and secured the gun as his own.

In the end, Bob Brooks gave Rayce $20 to buy ammo and offered his property to hunt on when Rayce turns 12.

Money raised from the event and silent auction was not calculated that night. Last year's event raised $7,000.

Look in next week's Blue Mountain Eagle to get the amount raised at the dinner and silent auction.

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