Really official weigh-ins are a good motivator ... I'm pleased with the results from last Friday. Overall averaging a loss of 1.5 pounds/week, even with the stalling out in May.

So goals for June: Increase the exercise where I can ... 45 to 60 minutes 5 days/week. I'll see if I can swing that. For me it really seems to be where I can make the biggest difference, and muscle burns more calories than fat.

Add some weight training ... I have a pile of dumbbells at home ... get back to lifting a few.

Keep filling up with good organic veggies and the lean protein, fruit, whole grains. Having all my salad greens available in the garden helps. I passed up on the cookies at the last meeting I was at ... wasn't easy, but dropping enough weight to fit into blue jeans I haven't worn for a year wasn't easy either. I'm trying to stay away from sugar. It triggers wanting more sugar.

One day at a time ...

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