Question #1

What is your No.1 goal for the next six months?


My Goal for the next 6months is to eat healthy and increase exercise.

Question #2

What is going to be your biggest motivator?


I would have to say my biggest motivator is the fact my husband is on an opposite team, so of course I have to win this. I'm very competitive.

Question #3

What is your strategy to staying the course?


To stay active and try not to think of snacks, and remember I always have my support team ready to help me out.

Question #4

What is your secret food craving?

Lets see potato chips and salsa, ice cream, avocadoes, PASTA.

Question #5

The exercise you love to hate?

DONKEY KICKS they hurt but work.

Question #6

What is your No. 1 strategy?

To stay motivated.

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