Voters will choose their city leaders in the Tuesday, Nov. 5 general election. Grant County's filing opportunity for anyone wishing to run for city positions ended Aug. 27. The Grant County Clerk's office reported the following candidates will appear on the Nov. 5 ballot:Canyon CityWhose terms are up: Councilors Don Jones, Dorman Gregory and Bill Pollack.Who's running: Diane Blake, Don Jones, Dorman Gregory, Bill Pollack and Bill Supulski. Top three vote getters win the three open council seats.DayvilleWhose terms are up: Councilors Kendall Derby, Milly Grindstaff and Linda McClinton; and mayor Peg Adams.Who's running: Peg Adams for mayor. Kendall Derby for council. Two council position vacancies attracted no candidates.John DayWhose terms are up: Councilors Chris Labhart, Gene Officer and Weldon Smith; and mayor Roger Simonsen.Who's running: Roger Simonsen for mayor. Don Caldwell, Chris Labhart and Gene Officer for council. Caldwell filed for Smith's vacant seat; other positions are uncontested.GraniteWhose terms are up: Councilors William Dobell and Lucy Myers; mayor Patricia Fielding.Who's running: Patricia Fielding for mayor. Tom Case, Linda Martin and Paul Schnitzer for two council positions. Top two vote getters for the council positions win the two open seats.Long CreekWhose terms are up: Councilors Frank Denton and Sherri Fairfield; mayor Clifford Smith.Who's running: Dale Martin and Clifford Smith for mayor. Frank Denton for council position four; and Sherri Fairfield, Amy Kreger and Phillip Lynall for council position three.MonumentWhose terms are up: Councilors Bob Cox, Lois Groves, Gary Hyde, Betty Richards, Vonda Stubblefield and Keith Teague; mayor Joe Duncan.Who's running: Joe Duncan for mayor. Bob Cox for council position three; Lois Groves for council position two; Michelle Lawrence for council position six; Vonda Stubblefield for council position four; Jack Sweek for council position five; and Keith Teague for council position one.Mt. VernonWhose terms are up: Councilors Amber Cates and Irene Jensen; and mayor Dennis Bradley.Who's running: Dennis Bradley for mayor. Amber Cates and Susan Horn for council.Prairie CityWhose terms are up: Councilors Marvin Casebeer, Lance Delgado and Mort Rennels; and mayor Leonard Wolf.Who's running: No candidate filed for mayor. Marvin Casebeer, Lance Delgado and Jim Hamsher for council.SenecaWhose terms are up: Councilors Diane Browning, Brad Smith and Linda Starbuck (mayor is chosen by council).Who's running: Glenda Hughet, Kent Price, Brad Smith and Linda Starbuck. Top three vote getters win the seats.  

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