Shooting sports club minutesNov. 20 club meeting members present were Jim Jaynes, Blaine Kendall, Vern and Myrtha Fields, Jerry Dakke, Dean Nodine and Leonard Wolf.

Next meeting at 6 p.m. at the Outpost on Jan. 14.

Nominations were open for offices for the next year's terms and will be voted on at the annual meeting.

Projects to be covered at the annual meeting:

1. Laying the walkways for the new trap field.

2. Dick Chase memorial project.

3. Pistol and rifle improvement.

4. Range clean up.

Tournament results

• Nov. 13 - There were 20 shooters at the turkey and ham shoot hosted by Buck Hoppe. Winners were Andy Day, Dean Nodine, Nancy Chase, Rhys Emery, Cole Maley, Isaac Whitman, Elmer Gill, Blaine Kendall, Tony Bolman, Jack Bolman, Jim Jaynes, Shorty Hoppe, Hal Gilliam, Carole Napier, Myrtha Fields and Mark Fine. Money was given out when the turkeys and hams ran out.

• Nov. 20 - There was a practice held instead of the Seneca Cup Tournament because there were not enough shooters participating. The drawing was still held for the gift certificate from Nydam's Hardware and Jim Jaynes was the winner.

• Dec. 4 - Only four brave souls showed up to do some trap and skeet shooting. Carroll Walton, Mark Bagett, Jim Jaynes and Doug Lundy had to dig a path before they could shoot.

Grant County Mad HattersJOHN DAY - Fourteen members of the Grant County Mad Hatters aka Red Hat Society gathered Dec. 27 at the Squeeze In for their monthly get-together. Our leader for the coming year, Norma Rynearson, shared some amusing stories and we decided to attend senior citizens on Jan. 26 at noon in all of our finery, if they have room for us.

We need to decorate our hats for the upcoming Valentine holiday. As you know, anyone not so decorated will be required to be part of the entertainment. We will take turns providing the readings, etc. Gayle Ryder has volunteered to do the honors next time. If anyone has an idea for something fun to do, please share it.

Anyone wishing to become a part of our group is invited to attend at any time. When you see a notice in the paper, just show up at the appointed place with your red hat and purple shirt and we will welcome you. At the present time, we have 43 ladies on our roster and would like to see our chapter grow. If you are under the age of 50, you must wear a pink hat and lavender shirt. We do not do any work, as we have already done that in our past and our only aim now is to have a fun time. We have a modest yearly dues and usually eat out at one of the local restaurants. Info: Norma at 820-3597.

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