GRANT COUNTY - With the cost of college continuing to rise, adult degree-seeking students are looking for help with tuition bills - and scholarships are a good source of funds for those who are willing to do the work.

According to Grant County Center advisors Chris Cronin of Eastern Oregon University and Jen Jacobs Blue Mountain Community College, a wide range of scholarship opportunities is available. But they caution that each scholarship has slightly different requirements and a different due date.

? Grant County Futures Scholarship - This scholarship is for distance education students at BMCC or EOU and is offered by the Grant County College Advisory Committee. You do not need to be a full time student to apply. Application will be available at the Center on March 2 and is due April 21.

? Stewart Scholarship - Scholarship recipients must be U.S. citizens, a resident of Grant County, and have lived in Grant County at least 1 year immediately prior to applying and at the time of submitting a scholarship application. Applicants must be degree candidates attending full-time or part-time at an accredited College, University, Graduate School or Trade School. Online application is available on the Grant ESD home page and is due June 30: (

? Helen and Robert Damon Scholarship - A memorial to Helen and Robert Damon, who founded and for many years operated Oregon Telephone Corporation. Applications will be available at the Center in March. See website at: (

? Rural American Scholarship Fund - Specifically targeted to students in rural areas like Grant County - EOU students are eligible to apply. Applications due March 15 - see website: (

? Gertrude L. McRae Scholarship - Applicant must be a graduate from a Grant County High School. Applications can be obtained from County Judge's office and are due in July.

? Malheur Scholarship - offered by the Malheur Lumber Company. Applications are picked up at the Malheur Lumber Co. office in John Day and are due each year by August 15.

? Blue Mountain Hospital District Scholarship - for students who are pursuing education in a medical field. Contact Blue Mt. Hospital at 575-1311 for application information.

? Oregon Trail Electric Cooperative - OTEC offers scholarships for students in their servicing area. The application deadline was Jan. 15. Visit their website at:

? Scholarships at EOU are for admitted EOU students: ( Deadline to apply for EOU Foundation Scholarships for the 2010-2011 year is Feb. 1, 2010. EOU offers Transfer and Diversity Scholarships for adult students.

? Scholarships at BMCC are for admitted BMCC students: (

? Oregon Student Assistance Commission (OSAC) has dozens of scholarships and some are available to adult students, among them Ford Restart and Ford Opportunity. Scholarship applications are due March 2, Early Bird applications were due Feb. 16: (

? FAFSA - most students obtain some sort of financial assistance by applying for federal aid, including grants and loans, through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, ( .

? FastWeb Scholarship - This site is free and has more than 275,000 scholarships for which students may be eligible.

For information, contact Cronin, 575-2168, or Jacobs, 575-1550.

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