Can you believe that February is almost over? The Grant County Fair Board and staff have been really busy with lots of plans for the future of the fair and fairgrounds. I think it is so important to think about what can be done instead of worrying about what can't be done. Let's not say things like "that's not the way they have always done it" - let's say things like "Let's try this new approach and keep track and see if it works." If it doesn't work, then pick out the pieces that do and move forward.

Our longtime superintendents for fruits and vegetables have retired after many years of volunteering their time to our Grant County Fair, and we would all express our appreciation to Jeanette and Homer Harrison. We do understand how hard they have worked for the Fair and wish them success and happiness in the future.

So guess what? That means that we are busy looking for new volunteers to become superintendents at the Grant County Fair. This is your chance as gardeners to rally the troops and get lots of items entered into our fair, Aug 22-25. It's not too early to start buying your seeds and planting supplies. I notice that all our local merchants have started putting items out already, so let's get started.

The Grant County Fair staff had great meetings recently with the superintendents of the open class groups and it was wonderful to see all the excitement they have for what they do to try and make it great for Grant County. I told them we were going to throw them all up in the air this year and see where they land. The response was smiles and then "bring it on."

We are also going with a lower profile in the Pavilion this year; we will not have the tall division between groups as in the past. We will put up the poles and do the half-drapes so you can walk in and see across the Pavilion - Who knows, you might even see someone you want to go visit with.

Clayton Wise, a longtime fairboard member, has resigned due to changing job circumstances that may take him out of the area. We wish him the best in the future. If anyone is seeking an opportunity to get involved in the community, here's a chance. Send us a letter requesting to become a Fair Board member.

The Rodeo committee also is looking for more members to help with a huge job: putting on a great NPRA Rodeo for all. Anyone interested can call the Fairgrounds or contact Larry Pierce.

We came away from the Oregon Fair Convention with lots of different entertainment ideas for fair. Our fair is so remote geographically, and so late in the summer, that sometimes it is a challenge to find the right mix and at a price we can afford. I think this year will bring lots of surprises and I really want people to come to the fair and say "Wow, this is sure different and exciting." We'll be working closely with Families First and Safe Community Coalition to make it a fun family atmosphere.

So start getting your decorating hat on for the fair - remember the theme, "Ribbons, Roots & Cowboy Boots."

Mary Weaver is the manager of the Grant County Fairgrounds.


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