There were close to 500 people in attendance at the Home, Garden, & Outdoor Expo this last weekend. The weather was beautiful; we couldn't have asked for a more perfect weekend.

The Map, Compass & GPS two-hour workshop was well attended, but the other two two-hour workshops, Organizing Your Life and Survival Strategies, were not. Probably two hours on a sunny day may be asking too much for people to stay inside for that length of time.

Container Gardening with Herbs, the Moss Basket Demonstration and Redesign & More were very popular. Next year, we plan to place Otis Ricker's booth in an area where he will be able to demonstrate both his rock grinding and fly-tying throughout the show rather than at set times.

Our workshop focus will continue with more gardening, decorating and outdoor workshops but keep them to one hour or less and all in the Pavilion. There were some comments that we need a few more nurseries and builders, which we will continue to work on for next year. Overall, the exhibitors and attendees seemed to feel it was a successful event and plan to be back!

Most people who know me, know the words "we've always done it that way" drive me crazy. Change is a necessary part of life and events. County fairs are about traditions of the past but also are often where new ideas and re-creations of traditions originated.

Keeping that in mind, I feel it is important we keep some of our "tried and true" things for the fair, but maybe change them up so that the younger generation continues to build and expand on those traditions. The superintendents have been reviewing their open class department information and there will be a few changes.

The Photography Department information will be a lot less complicated and more interesting to enter.

The Needlework and Machine Sewing departments will be combined and called Textiles and Fiber Arts. In the past, there has been a bit of a crossover between the Needlework and Machine Sewing, which caused confusion. In reviewing other county fairs' premium books, many fairs have changed to one department called Textiles or something similar. Diane Higbie, the Textiles and Fiber Arts superintendent, is welcoming the challenge.

Speaking of superintendents, we are looking for superintendents in the crafts and collectibles departments. It can be a lot of work, but seems once a person commits, they enjoy the involvement at the fair so much they stay for several years. If you are interested or have some questions about these volunteer positions, please call us at the fair office 575-1900.

The '62 Days Gang had Red's Electric put in a new speaker system at the rodeo arena. Each year, they have done something for the Fairgrounds as part of their involvement in the community. Thank you, '62 Days gang!

Some of the upcoming May events at the Fairgrounds are the Turkey Federation Banquet May 12 and the High School Rodeo May 18, 19, 20. And don't forget: Every second and fourth Saturday of the month Cowboy Church is held in the evening in Keerins Hall. Call 416-9348 for more information.

­­Stephanie Walters is the manager of the Grant County Fairgrounds.

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