To the Editor:

  I read with interest last weeks letter commentary from Dr. Janssen.

  Anticipating yet another rant against “evil guns,” I was gratified to instead read the good doctor’s concerns about a society – and world – that has lost it’s way in terms of personal morality, sanity and conscience.

  Indeed, a very accurate view!

  To the doctor, and others of our concerned nation and world, I have good news – and bad news.

  The “good news” is that since I was a grade-schooler and became introduced into the Bible reading and practicing, I have been fully aware of that book’s teachings regarding this world’s end-time predictions.

And while I and those like me have impatiently awaited the arrival of that end time, events have been steadily unfolding exactly as Biblically stated, though not as rapidly as we had hoped and expected those many decades past.

The steady erosion of family values, standards and cohesiveness – all in trade for increased personal wealth and “things” – has required the dissolution of family structure. Instead of fathers and mothers taking time and responsibility for the upbringing of the children, that duty has been turned over to our local schools – whose values and moralities quite often differ substantially from those of families of earlier times – as both parents are now scrambling to earn more money for more “things.” A poor trade that has brought us to where we are today!

  The steady decline of our national – and worldwide – standards and morality, and steady movement to disassociate our society from recognition of God and spiritual values, ultimately results in the loss of values at the family level, and also inevitably into our various levels of government. As the fabric of social integrity and morality disintegrates, attempts are made to accomplish through legislation to do what persuasion, conscience, and reason can no longer do.

  Thus, we see virtually all the varied and individual Biblical predictions regarding end-time events, exactly as predicted. And be assured, end-time Biblical events will prove to be exactly as accurate as all the others clearly made in other such predictions – and all the hand-wringing and attempts to do with power of force that which cannot be done with reason, can and will, only fail!

  And that, not because it is the irresistible will of God, but rather because of the steady decline and determined degradation of a human society that steadily and resolutely chooses to separate itself from God’s control.

Yes, things are bad now – and will only get steadily worse!

  Thus, the “good news” for Bible believing Christians, is that the end of this world is far nearer than most realize, and while times now are not good, they will be getting far worse and more out of control as time passes – the Bible-reading Christian realizes that our lives on this earth are short and uncertain at best – but what lies just ahead is well worth what is, and will be soon happening. What is happening now is what we have read about in the Bible, believed – and have been waiting for.

  A “better world” as hoped for by many today, is a matter of spiritual belief, personal morality, and personal freedom to choose who and what we believe, and who we will follow, and that is not something that can be forced upon individuals through governmental legislation or well-meaning Ecumenical decree.

  The “bad” news?

Exactly the same, but for the unprepared, unbelieving non-Christian, a completely different end result. For an unbelieving, the news is that without the hope, belief and protection provided by a life centered on Heavenly themes, the predicted end of this Earth is still very much a fact, and that “fact” virtually guarantees that the end of this world will leave them in a very unpleasant personal condition.

The bottom-line question is, are current events and the inevitable end-world conclusion “good news” to you or “bad,” and which will you choose to make it for you and those close to you?

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