Arrests and citations in the Blue Mountain Eagle are taken from the logs of law enforcement agencies. Every effort is made to report the court disposition of arrest cases.

Grant County Circuit Court

Charges of strangulation allegedly committed Dec. 12 and fourth-degree assault, attempt to commit a class C felony, harassment and second-degree criminal mischief allegedly committed Feb. 5 against Matthew E. Sagaser were dismissed March 23 based on a motion by District Attorney Jim Carpenter stating the victim has ceased cooperation with the state and resources for such cases are limited.

A charge of fourth-degree assault against William J. Collier Jr. of Kimberly allegedly committed Dec. 6 was dismissed with prejudice March 5 based on a motion by District Attorney Jim Carpenter citing an adverse court ruling. Charges of delivery of methamphetamine within 1,000 feet of a school and possession of methamphetamine allegedly committed on July 30 were dismissed without prejudice March 18 based on a motion by Carpenter stating the pandemic was interrupting the grand jury.

Gary Hartwick, 69, pleaded guilty March 23 to a count of violating a court’s stalking protective order committed on Feb. 2. He was sentenced to serve five days in jail and pay $100 in fines.

A charge of driving under the influence of intoxicants against Gerald L. Mack of Prineville committed Jan. 10, 2019, was dismissed March 18 after successfully completing a DUII diversion agreement.

Grant County Sheriff

The Grant County Sheriff’s Office reported the following for the week of March 25:

Concealed handgun licenses: 1

Average inmates: 16

Bookings: 4

Releases: 0

Arrests: 0

Citations: 0

Fingerprints: 2

Civil papers: 5

Warrants processed: 0

Assistance/Welfare check: 0

Search and Rescue: 1

Oregon State Police

March 22: The driver of a 2002 Chevrolet car was stopped after leaving the scene related to a possible domestic dispute 911 call. He exhibited indicators of impairment and was asked to participate in field sobriety tests. Further indicators of impairment were observed during the tests. He was arrested and transported to the Grant County Jail, where he provided a breath sample with a result of 0.0% BAC. He would not cooperate with a drug recognition expert exam and refused to provide a urine sample. OSP applied for a search warrant to seize a urine sample from the 58-year-old male driver. At about 3:18 a.m., after the search warrant was granted, the subject provided a urine sample that will be sent to the Oregon State Police Crime Lab for analysis. He was issued a citation for refusal to take test for intoxicants and DUI/Drug. The subject’s car was later released to a sober driver.

March 24: Saw a male adult driving southbound on Highway 395 that OSP knew had his driving privileges criminally revoked. OSP contacted the driver on Highway 395 near milepost 8 and saw indicators of impairment. The adult driver performed field sobriety tests and was found not to be impaired for an arrest of DUII. The male driver was cited in lieu of custody for driving while suspended and cited for open container of alcohol. The vehicle was released to a licensed driver.


John Day dispatch worked 92 calls during the week of March 23-29, including:

John Day Police Department

March 23: Received a report of theft on West Main Street.

March 24: Received a report of a stolen vehicle on Northeast Elm Street.

March 27: Responded to a report of dogs killing chickens on East Main Street.

March 27: Responded to a report of theft of a companion animal on West Main Street.

March 29: Hope 4 Paws assisted with attempting to find a lost dog.

Oregon State Police

March 25: Received a report of a criminal mischief on South Washington Street.

March 26: Advised of a driving complaint on Highway 26 near milepost 156.

Grant County Sheriff’s Office

March 23: Received a report of theft on South Fork Road in Dayville.

March 23: Received an animal complaint on Adams Drive.

March 24: Received a report of a stalking order violation in Canyon City.

March 27: Received an animal complaint on South Adams Drive.

John Day fire

March 28: Responded to a chemical odor near a John Day residence on Southwest Brent Drive.

John Day ambulance

March 24: Dispatched for a female subject who had fallen the previous night and possibly cracked her ribs.

March 27: Responded to a 71-year-old man with difficulty breathing.

March 27: Responded to an 86-year-old man with dizziness and low blood pressure on Cottonwood Street.

March 29: Responded to a 65-year-old man with difficulty breathing on West Main Street.


Rudy Diaz is a reporter for the Blue Mountain Eagle. Contact him at or 541-575-0710.

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