Arrests and citations in the Blue Mountain Eagle are taken from the logs of law enforcement agencies. Every effort is made to report the court disposition of arrest cases.

Grant County Sheriff

The Grant County Sheriff’s Office reported the following for the week of Aug. 19:

Concealed handgun licenses: 5

Average inmates: 11

Bookings: 7

Releases: 7

Arrests: 1

Citations: 4

Fingerprints: 0

Civil papers: 9

Warrants processed: 25

Assistance/Welfare check: 0

Search and Rescue: 1

Didner Joseph, 21, of Dayville was cited for violation of the basic rule, 82/55 zone.

William O’Brien, 69, of Beaverton was cited for violation of basic rule, 79/55 zone.

Seton Bunker, 32, of San Francisco, California, was cited for violation of basic rule, 46/30 zone.

Thomas Pfeifer, 51, of Prairie City was cited for driving while suspended violation and no insurance.

Grant County Justice Court

Violation of the basic rule: Matthew E. Sagaser, 36, Mt. Vernon, July 4, 91/55 zone, fined $500, 30-day license suspension; David Kabat, 79, Portland, Aug. 5, 75/55 zone, fined $165; Jason A. Cody, 50, San Jose, California, July 29, 73/55 zone, fined $165; Simon M. Graves, 33, Dayville, Aug. 3, 78/55 zone, fined $225.

Exceeding speed limit: Timothy A. Nugent, 51, Seneca, Feb. 1, 113/65 zone, fined $1,150, 30-day license suspension; Shadow-Wolf A. Horn, 20, Portland, Aug. 5, 115/65 zone, fined $1,150, 30-day license suspension; James J. Gillard, 76, Benicia, California, July 29, 75/65 zone, fined $165; Brian G. Johns, 57, Prairie City, July 30, 75/65 zone, fined $115; Baylee L. Combs, 18, John Day, July 15, 76/65 zone, fined $225; Ahmad F. Arwah, 22, Hickory Hills, Illinois, May 7, 37/25 zone, fined $140; juvenile, 16, Seneca, July 30, 82/65 zone, fined $225.

Theresa Briney was convicted of dog as a public nuisance and was ordered to pay $633 in compensatory and restitution fines. A $265 fine will be waived if restitution is paid in full.

George N. Brown was convicted of three counts of fencing against hogs and was ordered to pay a fine of $750.

Andria L. Kelley was convicted of four counts of fencing against hogs and was ordered to pay a fine of $1,000.

Oregon State Police

Aug. 17: OSP stopped a Subaru car on Highway 26 near milepost 161 in John Day, which had been entered as stolen by the Eugene Police Department in September of 2017. The 24 year-old-driver and father reported they were borrowing the vehicle. The vehicle’s VIN number was run through the law enforcement data systems, and returned clear. The driver was issued a citation for switched plates. The registered owner reported she was unaware her license plates had been removed and replaced with the reported stolen license plates. The plates were seized and placed into evidence.

Aug. 17: OSP responded to a noninjury, nonblocking vehicle-versus-cow crash on state road 19, near milepost 119 in Grant County. When OSP arrived, the vehicle was on the side of the road on the northbound side of the road. The cow was in the ditch on the northbound side of the road. The owner of the vehicle didn’t want the vehicle towed. The owner said he would remove the vehicle tomorrow. The vehicle was tagged and left at the scene. The owner of the cow was notified by vehicle owner.

Aug. 19: OSP responded to a nonblocking single motor vehicle crash with injuries, near milepost 100 on Highway 395B. The vehicle had driven off the northbound lane and rolled several times. The driver, Kenny Ramirez, 22, was transported to Blue Mountain Hospital in John Day by ambulance. Air ambulance then flew the Ramirez to St. Charles Medical Center due to the extent of his injuries. When OSP arrived at Blue Mountain Hospital, OSP was advised that the male driver had a blood alcohol concentration over the legal limit. OSP contacted a Bend police officer to read implied consent to Ramirez, but Ramirez wasn’t coherent. The vehicle was towed by Frontier Towing.

Aug. 21: OSP responded to a single-occupant, single-vehicle crash near milepost 74 on Highway 395B. The driver drove off the roadway and struck a large pine tree. The vehicle rolled before coming to an uncontrolled rest against another tree. The driver was taken by ambulance to Blue Mountain Hospital with serious injuries and was flown to St. Charles Hospital, Bend. The vehicle was towed from the scene by Frontier Towing to their lot.

Aug. 22: OSP stopped a vehicle near milepost 154 on Highway 26 for a traffic violation. The driver, a juvenile, 15, did not have a license or permit. There were four passengers, all 15 and 16 years old. None of the occupants had a license. The driver did not have any proof of insurance. The driver’s mother had called Grant County dispatch and reported her son had taken the vehicle without her knowledge or permission. OSP issued the driver citations for no operator’s license and driving uninsured and released him and the vehicle to his mother. Parents for two of the passengers responded to the stop and took custody of their children. OSP gave the two remaining passengers a courtesy transport, releasing one to her grandmother and the other to her parents.

Aug. 22: OSP stopped a vehicle on Highway 26 near milepost 162 for speeding and turn signal violations. Upon stopping, the driver, Braden M. Breyette, 21, of Prineville, slid out of his seat to the back, and the front passenger slid over to the driver seat. On contact, both admitted to the switch. Breyette told OSP he did not have a license. OSP saw Breyette’s eyes were watery, glassy and bloodshot. There was a moderate odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from the vehicle. Breyette admitted to drinking two beers. Dispatch advised his driving status was misdemeanor suspended. Breyette consented to field sobriety tests where he displayed further indicators of impairment. OSP arrested Breyette for driving under the influence of intoxicants and driving while suspended and was transported to the Grant County Jail. Breyette consented to a breath test, which showed a BAC result of 0.10%. OSP issued Breyette citations for DUII-Alcohol and DWS-Misdemeanor and lodged him at the jail. The vehicle was released to the passenger/registered owner.


John Day dispatch worked 185 calls during the week of Aug. 17-23, including:

John Day Police Department

Aug. 17: Assisted OSP with a felony traffic stop on Highway 26 near milepost 140.

Aug. 17: Cited Trenton N. Kidd, 19, of John Day for driving uninsured and no motorcycle endorsement on Highway 26 near milepost 161.

Aug. 18: Responded to a domestic assault on Hillcrest Drive.

Aug. 21: Arrested Darron L. Huskey, 58, of John Day for criminal mischief at a business on West Main Street.

Aug. 22: Responded to a report of an illegal burning and cited Matthew E. Sagaser, 36, of John Day.

Aug. 22: Arrested Jacob Derosier, 33, of John Day for harassment on Ford Road.

Oregon State Police

Aug. 19: Received a report of pigs on the Highway on Highway 26 near milepost 144.

Aug. 19: Along with GCSO, John Day and Long Creek Ambulance, responded for a rollover crash on Highway 395.

Aug. 20: Advised of a cow on the highway on Highway 395C near milepost 27.

Aug. 21: Along with Long Creek and John Day ambulance, responded to a motor vehicle accident on highway 395 near milepost 75B.

Grant County Sheriff’s Office

Aug. 17: Along with John Day and Seneca ambulances, responded for a motor vehicle crash on Geary Creek Road.

Aug. 18: Received a report of a hit and run on 11th and Hall streets.

Aug. 18: Received a report of theft on South Fork Road.

Aug. 20: Received a report of a hit and run on Southeast 11th Street.

Aug. 21: Dispatched for a woman with a broken leg in Mt. Vernon.

John Day ambulance

Aug. 17: Received a call for a motor vehicle crash with no injuries on Highway 19.

Aug. 18: Received a report of a 90-year-old woman with heart trouble on North Washington Street.

Aug. 21: Dispatched for a woman with a broken leg on East Beech Creek Road.

Aug. 21: Responded for a 1-year-old male patient having a seizure on North Humbolt.

Aug. 23: Responded for a subject with heart issues on Northeast Front Street.

Aug. 23: Received a report of a 75-year-old woman with trouble breathing on Nugget Street.

Prairie City ambulance

Aug. 21: Along with John Day ambulance, paged for a woman who had fallen with possible broken ribs on South Johnson Street.

Seneca ambulance

Aug. 18: Along with John Day ambulance, responded for an intoxicated male patient on Rendezvous Lane.

Mt. Vernon Fire

Aug. 17: Responded to a forest fire on Birch Creek.

Monument Fire

Aug. 19: Along with the Forest Service, responded to a forest fire on Manny Neal Road.

U.S. Forest Service

Aug. 17: Advised of a lightning struck tree up the Riley Creek Drainage.

Aug. 19: Advised of a small fire on Highway 395 near milepost 86.

Aug. 19: Advised of smoke in Aldridge Mountains.


Rudy Diaz is a reporter for the Blue Mountain Eagle. Contact him at or 541-575-0710.

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