Arrests and citations in the Blue Mountain Eagle are taken from the logs of law enforcement agencies. Every effort is made to report the court disposition of arrest cases.

Grant County Circuit Court

Thomas Busby, 47, was convicted based on a guilty plea on Dec. 12 for a count of burglary committed April 27, a count of assault and a count of menacing-constituting domestic violence committed on Aug. 31. He was sentenced for all three counts on Dec. 12 to 60 days in jail and 90 months of supervised probation. He was also ordered to serve 280 hours of community service. A count of assault and a count of theft were dismissed.

Renee C. Nelson, 63, was convicted based on a guilty plea on Dec. 12 for criminal trespass committed on Sept. 11. She was placed on bench probation for 18 months. She was also ordered to pay a fine of $200. A count of burglary was dismissed.

Shawn R. Lee, 55, was convicted based on a guilty plea on Dec. 11 for a count of negotiating a bad check and a count of theft committed on Jan. 16. She was placed on 36 months of supervised probation and was ordered to serve 160 hours of community service for both counts. She has to pay $426.50 in compensatory fines to John Day Video Shoppe and Squeeze-In Restaurant. She was also ordered to pay $200 in court fees. A count of theft and a count of negotiating a bad check were dismissed.

Grant County Sheriff

The Grant County Sheriff’s Office reported the following for the week of Dec. 11:

Concealed handgun licenses: 5

Average inmates: 20

Bookings: 12

Releases: 12

Arrests: 1

Citations: 1

Fingerprints: 3

Civil papers: 4

Warrants processed: 3

Assistance/Welfare check: 0

Search and Rescue: 0

Dec. 9: Arlin Horst, 33, Long Creek, was cited for violation of posted speed limit, 42/25 zone.

Justice Court

Nuisance ordinance: Sonny A. Dryden, 41, Mt. Vernon, Oct. 30, fined $50.

Juanita S. Hager, Bend, pleaded guilty on Dec. 11 for hunting on enclosed lands. Her hunting privileges were revoked for one year, and she was ordered to pay $675 in fines by Jan. 13.

Daryl G. Hager, Bend, pleaded guilty on Dec. 11 for adding game violation. His hunting privileges were revoked for one year, and he was ordered to pay $675 in fines by Jan. 13.

Oregon State Police

Dec. 8: Responded to assist the Grant County Sheriff’s Office on a motor vehicle crash. Upon arrival, the sheriff’s department requested that OSP handle the crash investigation. The driver was traveling westbound on Highway 26 near milepost 157 when he stated a tire blew on his vehicle, causing him to lose control. The vehicle traveled across the westbound lane and shoulder and overturned on the westbound embankment. The driver refused transport by ambulance but complained of pain. The driver was cited for no operator’s license and requested Frontier Towing remove the vehicle.

Dec. 9: Investigated a serious injury truck crash. The cattle truck and trailer were traveling northbound on State Route 207 near milepost 3. The driver was towing a trailer that was loaded with cattle and traveled down a steep, curvy grade. The vehicle lost its brakes and was unable to negotiate a curve, striking the eastbound guardrail. The vehicle and trailer left the roadway, traveling down a steep embankment, and were entangled in the guardrail, pulling over 415 feet of guardrail free from its anchor post and blocking the roadway. The guardrail was preventing the vehicle and trailer from continuing down the steep embankment. The driver was extricated from the vehicle using the Jaws of Life by Spray Fire and Rescue and Wheeler County deputies. The driver was later airlifted to St. Charles in Bend for medical treatment. Princess Towing responded but was unable to remove the vehicle and trailer from the scene with the equipment available and plans to return on Jan. 10 to remove vehicle and trailer. The Oregon Department of Transportation from Wheeler County assisted with traffic control. The driver will be cited for driving while suspended and careless driving.

Dec. 12: Traveled eastbound on Highway 20 between Mitchell and Dayville and came across a motor vehicle crash. The vehicle was partially in the westbound ditch and straddling the fog line. Located the occupants of the vehicle nearby in a passerby’s vehicle. The operator stated he was traveling westbound when he hit a patch of ice and his vehicle traveled off the right hand shoulder, striking and traveling along the embankment. The crash was determined to be a nonreportable crash.


John Day dispatch worked 191 calls during the week of Dec. 9-15, including:

• John Day Police Department

Dec. 9: Warned a driver for improper lighting on Highway 26.

Dec. 9: Responded to a call for a domestic dispute.

Dec. 10: Advised of a man making threats to residence. Michae W. Hagopian, 32, of John Day was arrested.

Dec. 10: Responded to woman nervous to go home from a business on West Main Street.

Dec. 12: Responded to a burglary on North Canyon Boulevard.

Dec. 12: Dealt with a cat custody issue.

Dec. 13. Responded to an animal complaint on Northwest Canton Street.

Dec. 13: Responded to a report of a domestic assault in John Day.

Dec. 14: Advised of illegal burning on East Main Street.

• Oregon State Police

Dec. 10: Received a call for reckless driving on Highway 26.

Dec. 11: Advised of a deer on the road on Highway 26.

Dec. 12: Advised of a driving complaint heading toward Dayville on milepost 131.

Dec. 13: A woman reported being locked out of her house and starting to get cold on Highway 26.

Dec. 14: Advised of cattle on the road on Highway 26.

Grant County Sheriff’s Office

Dec. 11: Received a report of theft on Irvin Street.

Dec. 11: Received a report of a suspicious subject on Highway 26.

Dec. 12: Notified of a runaway near Washington Street.

Dec. 14: Received an animal complaint on Highway 395.

Dec. 14: Received a report of theft on Humbolt Street.

• John Day ambulance

Dec. 9: Called for an 86-year-old woman on South Main Street that needed to go to the hospital.

Dec. 11: Responded to a 75-year-old woman who had fallen on Hansen Lane.

Dec. 11: Requested for a 75-year-old woman who was having difficulty with an artificial knee at River Estates.

Dec. 13: Called for an 87-year-old man who was having heart trouble on Thomason Lane.

Dec. 14: Called for an 88-year-old man with a possible stroke near Northwest Bridge Street.

Dec. 15: Called for a 56-year-old man with chest pain on Southwest Avenue.

Dec. 15: Responded to an 87-year-old woman with nausea and vomiting.

Dec. 15: Called for a 69-year-old man with a possible heart attack.

• John Day fire

Dec. 13: Advised of a pile burning on Miller Mountain.

• Prairie City fire

Dec. 10: Called for a flue fire on Southwest 12th Street in Prairie City.

Dec. 11: Called for a flue fire on McHaley Avenue.

• Mt. Vernon fire

Dec. 11: Called for a flue fire near Silver Lane.

• Long Creek ambulance

Dec. 13: Along with John Day Ambulance, responded to an 81-year-old woman who was weak and sick on East Main Street.


Rudy Diaz is a reporter for the Blue Mountain Eagle. Contact him at or 541-575-0710.

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