Arrests and citations in the Blue Mountain Eagle are taken from the logs of law enforcement agencies. Every effort is made to report the court disposition of arrest cases.

Grant County Sheriff

The Grant County Sheriff’s Office reported the following for the week of Nov. 13:

Concealed handgun licenses: 5

Average inmates: 15

Bookings: 6

Releases: 10

Arrests: 1

Citations: 2

Fingerprints: 3

Civil papers: 17

Warrants processed: 1

Assistance/Welfare check: 0

Search and Rescue: 0

Nov. 12: Dillon Sederland, 24, Santa Ynez, California, was cited for violation of the basic rule, 89/65.

Nov. 13: Kayle Riguez, 34, of Canyon City was cited for driving uninsured and for not having an operating license.

Justice Court

Violation of the basic rule: Garrett R. Miller, 24, Cave Junction, Oct. 20, 79/55 zone, fined $265; Daniel A. Turner, 57, Canyon City, Oct. 14, 69/55 zone, fined $140; Darryl D. Wray, 50, Baker City, Nov. 12, 69/55 zone, fined $165; Cooper E. McLeod, 23, Bend, Nov. 7, 77/55 zone, fined $165.

Violation of speed limit: Alexzandrea J. Smith-Peterson, 23, Mt. Vernon, Oct. 12, 51/35 zone, fined $165; Gary D. Dolmage, 55, Grants Pass, Oct. 20, 55/35 zone, fined $165; Michael L. Hanson, 56, Oroville, California, Oct. 21, 50/25 zone, fined $265; Shanna R. Campbell, 30, Burns, Sept. 23, 77/65 zone, fined $265; Deborah M. Martell, 34, La Grande, Oct. 1, 75/65 zone, fined $165.

Driving while suspended: Montie W. Hildebrandt, 53, Albany, Aug. 13, fined $440.

Driving uninsured: Montie W. Hildebrandt, 53, Albany, Aug. 13, fined $265.

Unlawful/unsignaled turn: Kyle L. Cook, 47, John Day, Aug. 14, fined $90.

Failure to drive within lane: Francisco J. Sanchez, 53, Othello, Washington, Sept. 27, fined $265.

Open Container of Alcohol: Jason D. Kern, 41, John Day, Oct. 14, fined $265.

Fail to yield before entering: Jason D. Kern, 41, John Day, Oct. 14, fined $265.

Stephanie A. Burrows, 42, of Prairie City pleaded guilty to harassment on Oct. 30. She was sentenced to 120 hours in jail, which can be suspended upon successful completion of the probation scheduled for 18 months. She will also perform 10 hours of community service. She was ordered to pay $180 in attorney fees, but the fees were waived.

Tanner J. Prock, Prairie City, pleaded guilty Oct. 23 for two counts of failure to appear violations. He was sentenced to 20 consecutive days in jail, which can be suspended upon successful completion of the probation scheduled for 18 months. He will also complete 80 hours of community service which will be credited to the fines owed. He must also attend compliance hearings when noticed by the court. He will not be able to drive a motor vehicle without valid driving privileges or statutorily required insurance. He was ordered to pay a total of $990 in fines for both counts, but the fees were waived.

Oregon State Police

Nov. 4: Took a report of a firearms denial at a business on West Main Street. The 21-year-old man had been denied under ORS 137.540 (1) (L) conditions of probation. Found no stipulation stating the subject could not purchase or possess firearm, stemming from a guilty plea for driving while suspended misdemeanor.

Nov. 5: A John Day Fish and Wildlife Trooper responded to a report of trespassing in the Northside WMU. The Trooper responded to the location and met with a witness. The suspects were not located.

Nov. 5: Troopers contacted a residence in John Day to locate a man with outstanding warrants. Adam L. Gilliam, 28, of John Day was located and arrested without incident. During a search of Gilliam, a baggie with meth residue was found in his pants pocket. He was transported to the Grant County jail, where he was lodged.

Nov. 5: A John Day Fish and Wildlife Trooper responded to a call from ODFW regarding a hunter who killed an elk and could not figure out how to validate his tag. ODFW determined that the tag had not been purchased. The Trooper contacted the hunter, provided education regarding the electronic licensing system, facilitated the hunter with gaining compliance and warned the hunter for his mistake.

Nov. 5: The driver was traveling eastbound on a straight-away at 60 mph when he heard a loud “bang” come from the front of the vehicle. The vehicle began pulling abruptly to the left. The driver told me that with all his strength, he steered the vehicle towards the eastbound shoulder, aggressively braking. The vehicle left the roadway and paralleled the roadway traveling 148 feet before coming to its area of controlled rest, pointed to the east. The driver told me that he had his vehicle checked for front drive train and steering repair last week. The roadway evidence was consistent with the driver’s statements. High Desert Towing out of Dayville later responded and removed the vehicle from the scene.

Nov. 7: Responded to a noninjury crash near milepost 93 on Highway 395B. The driver was traveling north on slick roads, going faster than conditions allowed. The driver lost control of the vehicle; spinning 180 degrees and crossing the southbound lane. The vehicle came to an uncontrolled rest in the ditch off of the southbound lane. Frontier Equipment was called by the driver before our arrival, they towed the vehicle to their lot. The driver was cited for failure to maintain lane.

Nov. 8: Responded to a business on West Main Street on a firearm purchase denial. A 59-year-old man attempted to purchase a shotgun but was denied for being a convicted felon. Contacted the man and spoke to him about his felony conviction from 1978. The male claimed to not know he was a convicted felon, citing his case was to have had the adjudication withheld after he successfully completed requirements of the court. The man claimed to have purchased over 20 firearms in the Eastern United States since his arrest, with the most recent being in 2008 or 2009. The case was referred to the District Attorney for consideration.

Nov. 12: Received a report of a large mule deer buck which was unlawfully taken in the Spray area.

Nov. 14: Arrested Thomas E. Pfeifer, 50, Prairie City, on a felony arrest warrant issued by the Grant County Community Corrections for probation violation. The subject was transported to the Grant County Jail and lodged on arrest warrant.


John Day dispatch worked 163 calls during the week of Nov. 11-17, including:

• John Day Police Department

Nov. 11: Received a report of a hit and run at a business on South Canyon Boulevard.

Nov. 11: Notified of a recovery of a stolen vehicle from Grant County by Deschutes County.

Nov. 12: Issued a citation for a juvenile for provisional license violation and speeding.

Nov. 12: During a traffic stop, warned a driver for failure to yield.

Nov. 15: Received a call for harassment on West Main Street.

Nov. 15: Received a report of a fight in progress at West Main Street.

Nov. 15: Received a report of a disorderly conduct, suspended driver leaving the courthouse.

Nov. 17: Attempted to locate a possible drunk driver on Northwest Second Avenue.

• Oregon State Police

Nov. 12: Advised of a driving complaint on Highway 26.

Nov. 12: Received a report of cows on Highway 26.

Nov. 12: Advised of livestock on Highway 26.

Nov. 16: Received a report of a noninjury accident on Tipton Summit.

Nov. 17: Advised of livestock creating a hazard on Highway 26.

Grant County Sheriff’s Office

Nov. 14: Received a report of theft on West Franklin in Dayville.

Nov. 16: Received a report of an injured animal on Canyon Boulevard.

Nov. 15: Received a report of theft of service at a business on West Main Street.

• John Day ambulance

Nov. 12: Dispatched to a woman with a possible broken ankle on Southwest First Street.

Nov. 14: Called for a 72-year-old woman that needed to go to the hospital.

Nov. 14: Along with Long Creek ambulance, paged for an 83-year-old woman with pain in the left arm and stomach cramps on Highway 395.

Nov. 16: Called for a 40-year-old woman with low blood pressure at Ford Road.

• U.S. Forest Service

Nov. 13: Received a report of a possible forest fire on Highway 207.

Nov. 15: Advised of an unattended camp fire that was crawling.

Nov. 16: Advised of a fire near Forest Service Road 24.

• Prairie City fire

Nov. 12: Responded to a flue fire on Front Street.

• Dayville fire

Nov. 13: Received a report of a grass fire on Highway 26.

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