Arrests and citations in the Blue Mountain Eagle are taken from the logs of law enforcement agencies. Every effort is made to report the court disposition of arrest cases.

Grant County Circuit Court

Marjorie J. Smith, 23, was convicted based on a guilty plea on Nov. 14 for aggravated theft committed on Dec. 27. She was sentenced Nov. 14 to 20 days in jail and 24 months of supervised probation. She was also ordered to serve 80 hours of community service and pay a $500 fine.

Anthony J. Capaldo, 62, was convicted based on a guilty plea on Oct. 31 for driving under the influence on May 1. He was sentenced to 30 days in jail. He was also ordered to pay a fine of $1,000.

Charges of first-degree theft and possession of a burglary tool against Raymond D. Lehoski of Hearnes, Texas, allegedly committed Jan. 17, 2017, have been dismissed because the investigating officer is the subject of an internal affairs investigation and criminal prosecution.

A charge of harassment against Shawn C. Kite of Prairie City allegedly committed Aug. 19 has been dismissed because of a lack of a complete investigation and the victim failing to cooperate with the state.

A charge of failure to register as a sex offender by John C. Hopper of John Day was dismissed following the completion of a diversion agreement.

Grant County Sheriff

The Grant County Sheriff’s Office reported the following for the week of Nov. 20:

Concealed handgun licenses: 3

Average inmates: 17

Bookings: 8

Releases: 9

Arrests: 1

Citations: 2

Fingerprints: 0

Civil papers: 10

Warrants processed: 5

Assistance/Welfare check: 0

Search and Rescue: 1

Nov. 18: Thomas Mulder, 65, Bush Prairie, Washington, was cited for violation of posted speed limit, 50/35.

Nov. 18: Brian Hinsley, 56, Pasco, Washington, was cited for violation of the basic rule, 79/55.

Justice Court

Violation of the basic rule: Colby A. Blagg, 42, Gresham, Oct. 28, 77/55 zone, fined $256; Craig R. Fox, 62, Bend, Nov. 13, 71/55 zone, fined $165; Dennis M. Ratty, 66, Medford, Oct. 28, 70/55 zone, fined $145; Shandra E. Guyer, 32, Pendleton, Oct. 30, 72/55 zone, fined $165; Brunk W. Conley, 56, La Pine, Nov. 4, 74/55, fined $165.

Violation of speed limit: Richard J. Miller, 64, Salem, Nov. 7, 78/65 zone, fined $265; Stuart W. Hansen, 64, Bonanza, Nov. 5, 77/65 zone, fined $265; Michael L. Hanson, 56, Oroville, California, Oct. 21, 50/25 zone, fined $265; Thomas K. Smit, 61, Richland, Washington, Oct. 30, 46/35 zone, fined $140; Julie L. Smith, 56, Ontario, Nov. 5, 49/35 zone, fined $140; Kevin A. Bomberger, 32, La Grande, Oct. 31, 74/65 zone, fined $165; Marrisa L. Wagner, 24, Otis, Aug. 4, 48/25 zone, fined $265; Galen G. Hayes, 66, John Day, Nov. 5, 78/65 zone, fined $225; Connor N. Johnston Broemeling, 25, John Day, Oct. 7, 85/65 zone, fined $265; Alexander B. Clayton, 22, Grants Pass, Oct. 30, 57/45 zone, fined $165; James L. Thoming, 76, Seneca, Oct. 29, 93/65 zone, fined $440; Jordan L. McDonald, 34, Pendleton, Nov. 5, 75/65 zone, fined $165; Cheri M. Rice, 43, Prineville, Oct. 20, 81/65 zone, fined $225

Driving while suspended: Kristopher M. Goodwin, 29, Mt. Vernon, July 18, fined $440.

Driving uninsured: Marrisa L. Wagner, 24, Otis, Aug. 4, fined $265; Kristopher M. Goodwin, 29, Mt. Vernon, July 18, fined $265.

Exceeding trailer length: Cordniqua T. Cooper, 25, Tacoma, Washington, Nov. 3, fined $115.

No big game tag: David E. Polley, 46, Klamath Falls, Nov. 2, fined $115.

Taking/possession of game bird: Roy M. Chandler, 69, Salem, Nov. 2, fined $165, Nov. 2, fined $165.

Chase M. Rapien of Bend pleaded guilty Nov. 20 for failure to appear violations. He was sentenced to 60 days in jail and was ordered to pay a $500 fine.


John Day dispatch worked 148 calls during the week of Nov. 18-25, including:

• John Day Police Department

Nov. 18: Responded to a dog complaint on East Main Street.

Nov. 18: Dispatched to a driving complaint near West Main Street.

Nov. 18: Gave a warning for failure to maintain single lane.

Nov. 19: Received a report of theft near Patterson Bridge Road.

Nov. 20: Advised of an injured animal.

Nov. 20: Follow up on an animal complaint on Southwest Brent Street. The caller advised that they know who stole their dog.

Nov. 21: Received a report of suspicious circumstances on Charolais Heights.

Nov. 22: Received a report of a hit and run in John Day.

Nov. 23: Received a report of a possible explosion near Elm Street.

• Oregon State Police

Nov. 12: Advised of a driving complaint on Highway 26.

Nov. 12: Received a report of cows on Highway 26.

Nov. 12: Advised of livestock on Highway 26.

Nov. 16: Received a report of a noninjury crash on Tipton Summit.

Nov. 17: Advised of livestock creating a hazard on Highway 26.

Grant County Sheriff’s Office

Nov. 18: Received an animal complaint on Highway 26 near milepost 26.

Nov. 18: Advised of a car versus deer accident on Highway 26.

Nov. 21: Notified of a dead buck on Highway 395B.

Nov. 23: Received an animal complaint on Highway 395.

• John Day ambulance

Nov. 18: Dispatched to an elderly man who fell.

Nov. 21: Along with Prairie City ambulance, paged for a man with a possible stroke on Bridge Street.

Nov. 22: Called for an 81-year-old man that passed out on Valley View Drive.

• U.S. Forest Service

Nov. 20: Received a report of a fence line on fire.


Rudy Diaz is a reporter for the Blue Mountain Eagle. Contact him at or 541-575-0710.

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