Pursuant to notice made to the newspaper of general circulation throughout Grant County, the radio station in Grant County and e-mail distribution list, a regular meeting of the County Court was held at the County Courthouse in Canyon City OR.

9:02 am -- Called to Order. Present were Judge Mark R. Webb, Commissioners Scott W. Myers and Boyd Britton, Secretary Mary Ferrioli, ESD Superintendent Robert Waltenburg and Technology representative Donna Becker, and Pastor Flora Cheadle. The Pledge of Allegiance was given to the US flag. An opening prayer was offered by Pastor Cheadle.

PROGRAM. MSP: Webb/Myers -- to accept the program with the addition of the October 15th work session minutes and a request by Veteran Services for a replacement computer.


Britton had attended this month's Airport Commission meeting and would be attending the Southeast Regional Alliance board meeting on October 26th in Ontario.

Britton and Webb would attend Idaho Power's public scoping meeting October 21st from 4 - 7 pm at the Senior Center about the proposed Boardman to Hemingway transmission. Webb reported on his meeting last week with Kent McCarthy of Idaho Power who is locally overseeing a federal process involving placement of a transmission line from Boardman to Hemingway.

Britton had attended the Community Wildfire Protection Plan update meeting on October 15th at the federal building.

Britton would attend the Mt. Vernon Street Improvement Project ribbon cutting on October 24th.

It was noted that yesterday Webb gave Ken Boethin permission to place the 1987 Chevy Crew Cab in "Best Buys" for $500 since it could not be sold during the surplus property public bid process.

HEALTH DEPT / SQL SERVER. Grant Education Service District technology representatives Robert Waltenburg and Donna Becker explained their proposal for installation of SQL 2008 to upgrade the SQL 2000 server so the Health Department's scheduling and billing program can handle e-MDs' new software requirement. Public Health Administrator John Combs previously recommended approving the e-MDs software upgrade that costs $525 to license 7 workstations @ $75 per workstation. ESD was offering to be onsite at no additional cost to assist with the upgrade installation process and provide future support as needed. ESD's assistance would save the cost of e-MDs' $125 per hour installation rate for upgrade services that may take several hours. It was felt that ESD's onsite support would be most effective during the upgrade and reduce the risk of lost data. It was noted that e-MDs annual fee of $899 would be an additional cost. MSP: Webb/Britton - to authorize the SQL 2008 upgrade at the Health Dept with the assistance of ESD as proposed.

Waltenburg commented on how ESD has been working at the library with IT consultant Andy Jones to make changes to improve that computer system's configuration and functionality. It was noted that Becker also has some good ideas about how to make the library more user friendly.

MINUTES. MSP: Webb/Myers -- to approve the October 14th meeting minutes as amended.

MSP: Britton/Myers -- to approve the October 15th work session minutes as amended.

VETERAN'S DAY. The court discussed the option of holding the November 11th meeting on Tuesday, November 10th due to the Veteran's holiday. It was noted, since claims are scheduled that day, it is best to hold the meeting earlier rather than later. MSP: Webb/Myers - to move the November 11th meeting to November 10th because of the holiday.

NaCO DUES. The court considered an invoice received for annual National Association of Counties membership dues in the amount of $400. The court chose to continue the county's membership. MSP: Webb/Myers-- to pay NaCO membership dues in the amount of $400.

9:45 am - Mr. & Mrs. Larry Wirfs and Shannon Springer entered

200 S. HUMBOLT ST. Court members considered a recent inquiry by C. Ross Hayden of Hayden Dental to lease county property located at 200 S. Humbolt Street. Ferrioli explained that Hayden would need to have chair side plumbing installed through the floor and other modifications exclusive to a dental office. The court also considered the 80¢ per sq ft lease rate as recommended by the Assessor's office. Questions arose about responsibility for modification costs and the process used to modify public property. Webb felt it would be best to find out what modifications would be needed and how much they would cost before the court makes a decision. He felt that any modification cost would need to be paid back over the lease term. Myers recommended that the tenant also be responsible to stub off the water and put back other customization when they vacate. The court asked that Hayden be provided with the floor layout and the lease rate to consider.

ORDINANCE 92-03. The court was scheduled to deliberate toward a decision on Larry Wirfs' request for an exception to County Ordinance 92-03 on Road Naming and Rural Addressing. The request was initially discussed during the October 7th meeting. Assistant Planner Shannon Springer and Mr. & Mrs. Wirfs were present. Mrs. Wirfs provided photographs of the property. Webb pointed out that the Wirfs' property is on Top Road where they have a shop and live in a motor home. He added that they would like an address for emergency response purposes. The property joins the Mund property and the Mund home is about 100 yards away from the Wirfs shop.

Webb said, since there is no residence, the property does not qualify for an address under the Ordinance. He expressed concern because to assign an address would not be in keeping with the county's past practice. Additionally, there have been lots of similar requests that have a number of associated problems. Therefore, in Webb's mind, the property does not qualify for an address.

Springer said there is no specific state statute or administrative rule that directs how addresses are assigned. It is each county's responsibility to make that determination. She indicated that the ordinance is based on language found in the Oregon Emergency Management Manual, i.e. either a place of business or a residence. Springer reported that Grant County was consistent in most cases with the rural addressing regulations of surrounding counties.

Myers said a permanent dwelling was either affixed to a pad or on a foundation. In his mind, a motor home does not qualify. In that case, Mrs. Wirfs thought they would continue to use their number system address for fire protection purposes. Britton was not inclined to make a waiver because it would place the court in difficult situations when faced with numerous requests in the future. He preferred to stand by the Ordinance. Webb felt the community knew the Wirfs' place well enough that, if an emergency occurred, they would know where to go. Springer told the Wirfs she understood there may be something in state statutes that limits the amount of time motor homes are allowed to sit on property, outside of an RV Park. MSP: Myers/ Britton -- that we deny the request for waiver.

SENATE BILL 971. In response to information provided by the Sheriff, court members discussed Senate Bill 971 that allows the adoption of policy to require training cost reimbursement for a law enforcement employee who is subsequently employed by another governmental law enforcement agency. The Treasurer previously stated that county should have a policy for reimbursement of training costs. Since several county officers have been lost to other jurisdictions, Smith felt this kind of policy should be adopted. Court members believed it would be a good idea to consider this type of policy for the county. Webb suggested that he contact legal counsel to discuss policy language. Myers pointed out that the county regularly expends funds on other types of employee training, as well. MSP: Webb/Myers - to move forward with developing a policy that provides for reimbursement for training costs incurred by the county according to SB 971.

10:20 am -- Ken Boethin entered

JUVENILE / CAPITAL OUTLAY. Juvenile Department Director Ken Boethin recommended purchasing a hinged Tonneau truck bed cover for the new Chevy Colorado pickup. Boethin said he was asking for court approval because he doesn't have a budget line item to do this. He said it would be paid for with proceeds from the car sale. The department found it has a need to store equipment [tire chains, flares, first aid kit, or luggage] out of the weather. Cost quote were provided from Buy Auto Truck Accessories / $279.95, Auto Anything / $299.95 with free shipping and Truck Champ / $359.10. Boethin thought the products were comparable and liked the free

shipping offer. MSP: Webb/Myers - to approve purchase of a Tonneau cover for the pickup for the reasons given. Britton confirmed that Boethin would buy the one with the lowest price.

Boethin requested waiver of the $86 motel per diem rate for a pre-approved certified training in Portland October 26 - 30. Rooms were no longer available at the Red Lion Hotel for these dates and the government rate is $120 at the Doubletree, Marriott and Courtyard hotels that are also listed in the area. MSP: Webb/Myers - to allow the per diem waiver for lodging for this training in Portland.

Juvenile Department Director Ken Boethin reported that he would need to replace the copy machine that failed yesterday. He explained that the departments have been nursing it along for the past two years. When Webb asked if Boethin knew what he wanted, he produced a proposal for a Ricoh Digital Imagir 2550 SP with a purchase price of $4,086.49 from IKON. Boethin noted that, when he purchased the same type of machine several years ago, it cost over $6,000. Boethin reported that several departments use the machine -- Planning @ 33.5%, Watermaster @ 16%, Juvenile @ 31%, Corrections @ 16%. Boethin thought 80% of the cost could come from County General and 20% from special funds. Boethin said the county already has a copy machine maintenance agreement in place for the proposed machine. MSP: Webb/Britton - to allow the purchase to go forward as proposed, subject to the Budget Officer's comments.

10:45 am - Lance Delgado entered

COMMUNITY WILDFIRE PROTECTION PLAN. Forest Service representative Lance Delgado and the court discussed a proposal to amend the Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) map to include the Damon planning area. A CWPP map was provided showing the current and proposed wildfire urban interface boundary. Delgado provided details relative to the WUI boundary line being inconsistent with the sub-watershed boundary line. He said they would like to include those small areas in the county plan that is in the process of being updated. This amendment would allow the agency to move forward with the Damon planning process. MSP: Webb/Myers -- to accept the proposed change to the CWFPP to include the Damon Planning Area per Lance Delgado's comments and supplied map. Britton felt it was a very legitimate amendment to the plan. Britton reported that an individual is going to be identified to facilitate updating the plan. One suggested individual was Irene Jerome.Court members were in support of Jerome's involvement with that update.

VETERAN SERVICES. The Veteran Services Officer Bryan Hunt had requested permission to replace his failed computer with a Lenovo ThinkCentre M58e at $526.04 recommended by ESD Technology. It was noted that this model was recently approved for computer replacement in the Juvenile Department. The Treasurer previously indicated that purchase would be out of the Vet's budget utilizing half expansion funds. MSP: Webb/Britton - to approve this computer replacement as requested.

11:15 am - Adjourned

Respectfully Submitted,

Mary R. Ferrioli

County Court Secretary

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