Pursuant to notice made to the newspaper of general circulation throughout Grant County, the radio station in Grant County and e-mail distribution list, a regular meeting of the County Court was held at the County Courthouse in Canyon City OR.

9:15 am -- Call to Order. Present were Judge Mark R. Webb, Commissioners Scott W. Myers and Boyd Britton, Secretary Mary Ferrioli and Pastor Dan Wiese. A Pledge of Allegiance was given to the US flag. The opening prayer was given by Pastor Wiese.

CLAIMS. The court had approved claims and Extension District Warrant Nos. 19 - 38. Tagged claims were for Bank of Eastern Oregon / Fair, DP Home Entertainment / Fair, and Nydam's Ace Hardware / Library - all for not using Central Supply. Commissioner Britton had a conflict of interest for a claim in the amount of $417.11.

PROGRAM. MSP: Webb/Britton -- to accept the program with the addition of a quote from Mobile Glass for magnetic locks, a request concerning the new Fair Manager's start date, and the receipt of information on county property from the Assessor.


Myers reported on the monthly meeting of the Commission on Children & Families last evening, September 7th. Discussion had occurred on the next round of necessary state budget cuts and how to handle those funding reductions locally. Myers announced that Grant County's Drug Free Communities grant was renewed for another five years; one of only two awarded in Oregon.

Webb reported on his meeting in Salem on September 3 at Department of Human Services about their state budget and how the required budget cuts could be handled.

9:30 am - News Reporter Scotta Callister entered.

Britton talked about his participation in the Gold Wing Touring Association annual meeting that occurred this past weekend at the fairgrounds. He planned to attend the Eastern Oregon Rural Alliance meeting in Burns on September 9th where former Gov. John Kitzhaber would be present.

MINUTES. MSP: Myers/Webb -- to approve the August 18th minutes as presented. MSP: Webb/ Myers -- to approve the August 25th minutes as amended.

CHILDREN & FAMILIES. Court members acknowledged the resignation of Ashley Jo Witty from her youth position on the Commission on Children and Families. MSP: Myers/Webb-- to accept the resignation of Ashley Jo Witty and send the appropriate letter of thanks for service.

At the previous request of Commission on Children & Families Director Dana Brooks, the court reviewed and signed contract amendments for 2010-2011. The amendments were approved by the Commission's board of directors and represent budget reductions required by the Oregon Commission to meet a mandate from the Governor's office. Impacted programs include the Ponderosa Parents Assn, Grant ESD-SMART Reading Program, and Families First of Grant County.

BLM DRUG OPERATIONS. The court reviewed and signed Modification No. 3 to the USDI-BLM Grant County Drug Operations Contract. The modification allows the Sheriff to purchase equipment to help further the investigation of drug cultivation on BLM lands, after consulting with the BLM agent in charge for purchases over $3,000. MSP: Myers/Webb - to allow Judge Webb to sign Modification No. 3 to the USDI-BLM Grant County Drug Operations Contract.

DRUG TREATMENT COURT. The court reviewed and signed a Grant Award Agreement with the Criminal Justice Commission to continue funding the Adult Drug Treatment Court program. The award totals $49,320 for FY 2010--2011. Treasurer Kathy Smith had recommended collecting an administrative fee, if allowed by the grant. She explained that it is hard for her to obtain a copy of the Reimbursement Request Form (to go with the reimbursement check) after it is completed and sent in by the DA's office. She has asked repeatedly to receive a copy so she knows we are getting a reimbursement. Smith also explained that Community Counseling Solutions does not submit their payroll reimbursements timely and she spends a lot of time tracking down reports and checks. MSP: Britton /Myers-- to allow Judge Webb to sign the Grant Award Agreement with the Criminal Justice Commission for the Grant County Adult Drug Treatment Court.

9:45 am -- Colin English and Rainse Anderson entered

AIRPORT. Airport Manager Colin English and WH & Pacific representative Rainse Anderson met with the court to recommend approving the Task Order 4 Amendment to the Runway Lighting Project. Task Order 4 has a total cost of $2,674.80 in engineering fees due to the extended reporting requirements on the ARRA grant. Anderson explained that this project was the first of its type for WH & Pacific to work on, so they learned as they went along with the additional paperwork required for ARRA funds. He stated that the FAA has approved additional time for the paperwork so this amount is 100% reimbursable through the FAA grant. It was acknowledged that the ARRA reporting process was also burdensome for the county staff. Court members signed the Task Order 4 Amendment.

English recommended signing the FAA Grant Offer Agreement totaling $198,693 for the taxiway extensions, airport terminal ramp and fencing. He explained that the 5% match would come from COII so no county funds are required to accept the grant. Anderson explained that this is the last piece of the funding puzzle of the 2010 entitlement money for this project. English added that actual work for all portions of this grant has been completed and expense reimbursement requests have been submitted to the FAA. The submission deadline is September 10th. Treasurer Kathy Smith noted that additional costs are within budget as long as reimbursement is received. MSP: Webb/Myers - to authorize Judge Webb to sign the FAA Grant Offer Agreement.

English requested permission to attend the Oregon Airport Managers Association Conference at Sunriver October 3-5. Costs were identified as $125 for registration and $300 for two nights lodging. English said this was a joint OR-WA-ID airport manager's association meeting where regulatory and grant information would be presented by each state as well as the FAA. He indicated that he wanted to become more familiar with FAA policies and regulations and funding opportunities for next year. English felt it could benefit the county through additional knowledge of state and federal programs and other airport management issues. He planned to promote Grant County and present the new airport project at the event. Anderson indicated that WH & Pacific and CSHQA would be attending to support Grant County. MSP: Myers/Britton -- to allow English to attend the tri-state OAMA conference and represent the Grant County Airport. Treasurer Kathy Smith had noted that the budget has enough budget authority for conference costs, but cash flow is in the red and doesn't look promising for the future.

English reported on final activities that had been done, or would be done, prior to the Fly-In Event this Saturday. A temporary building occupancy permit had been issued for that event.

10:15 am - The court took a break and Stephanie Walters and Mary Weaver entered

RV PARK. RV Park Manager Stephanie Walters met with the court to give a progress report on the RV Park at the fairgrounds. Walters explained that the city had discovered during recalculations of their sewer rate for the park that travel trailers were coming to the park to dump sewage. She reported that DEQ requires a permit for a special containment system which the RV Park does not have. Walters said she took that information off the registration form and sign. Myers suggested that a notice be posted at the park that sewer dumping is only for RV Park users.

Walters distributed and discussed an RV Park Rental Revenue Report for 2009-2010 vs. 2010-2011. She noted that last year finished with a net profit of $4,143. Walters felt reservations made a difference and reported that credit cards are now about 1/3rd of the business. She reported that the new credit card payment feature is popular and saves a lot of time and paperwork. Walters acknowledged that cash or check payments do bring in a little more money because of the credit card fee. She said the website is generating a lot of email reservations and noted that more "hits" are made for the RV Park than for the Fair. Walters suggested that the phone and ESD bills be split equally between the Fair and the RV Park which would create a $60-$75 monthly cost increase to the RV Park. Britton said he thought that was appropriate. Discussion followed about the City of John Day's recent water and sewer rate increase. She added that the sewer rate adjustment for the RV Park would reduce costs dramatically from now on. Walters addressed a situation with the new showers that would require weather stripping to be installed to prevent water from running outside onto the sidewalk causing a slip hazard. Britton suggested that a local plumbing contractor be asked for a solution.

FAIR MANAGER. Court members considered a previous request from Fair Board Chair Larry Pierce to fund approximately $800 to come out of the General Fund, if necessary, for severance pay and wages to allow new Fair / RV Park Manager Mary Weaver to start on September 27th rather than October 1st. Treasurer Kathy Smith explained how she had suggested asking the court for a back-up plan, if needed. She added, until she makes the calculations she won't know if the funds will actually be needed out of Relief Help. Weaver felt that starting work early would be good for her since the Quilt Show is on October 2nd. The court agreed. MSP: Webb /Myers -- to allow approximately $800 to come out of the General Fund to cover Walters' severance pay; therefore, allowing Mary Weaver to start work early, if needed.

10:50 am - Sally Bartlett, Hannah Ansel, and Commissioner Candidate Nancy Nickel entered

Other discussion took place about the high cost of putting on the Truck & Tractor Pull event and the Fair Board's decision to see if the Chamber of Commerce would be interested in putting on that event. In spite of good attendance, this event has been too costly for the fair to manage.

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT. Economic Development Coordinator Sally Bartlett and RARE Program Volunteer Hannah Ansel appeared in court to report that Ansel is located in the economic development office as of yesterday. Ansel is working under the sponsorship of the Grant Resource Enhancement Action Team (GREAT) to continue work that she started last year through the Extension Service District office. Bartlett explained that work is being done on the Meyer Memorial Grant in the amount o $9,500 and community donations are coming in for this position. Bartlett explained that $19,500 is required in all. So far, Oregon Food Bank and Community Connection have given $10,000 plus another $2,500 specifically for travel and supplies. She said that a separate donation drive was started by GREAT and about $1,100 has been received toward the $9,500. She added that, if the Meyer Memorial Grant is received then the $1,100 will be used elsewhere, i.e. purchasing a computer.

11:00 am -- Terry Farrell and Kathy Stinnett entered

JUSTICE COURT. Justice of the Peace Terry Farrell recommended that his Clerk Kathy Stinnett attend the Oregon Association for Court Administrations and Majic Software Users Group Meeting by Chaves Consulting. Stinnett, who was present, explained that she has already started taking some online certification classes supported by the OACA. She felt training could give her a better foundation in the court system and provide a legal background in this area. Farrell stated that education is always valuable and could improve the good work that she is already doing. The OACA meeting would take place October 17 to 19 at Mt. Bachelor Village in Bend. Estimated costs include registration / $155, lodging / $327.75, meals / $76, and mileage / $130.83. Scholarship funds are available in the amount of $647.53, with priority given to first time attendees and new members. It would be reimbursed to the travel line, if awarded. Stinnett explained the scholarship application award process and said the county would receive the check directly to pay for the training. Stinnett explained that the Chaves Consulting Majic Software program would be held immediately following the conference, at no charge, for the convenience of participants. Stinnett's time for travel and attendance was estimated at 26 hours and would be flexed within the work week. MSP: Webb/Myers - to do whatever is required to allow Stinnett to attend the training. Treasurer Kathy Smith had reported that a transfer resolution will be needed in May or June if the scholarship is awarded. If the funds are not awarded, the budget cannot handle the cost for this conference.

11:05 am - Lane Burton entered

COUNTY PROPERTY. Assessor Lane Burton met with the court to distribute tax and aerial maps for county parcels in Monument, on Long Creek Mountain, just outside Mt. Vernon, and the west side of Canyon City. Burton mentioned miscellaneous parcels that he has in county ownership including a large rock pit up Laycock Creek Road, 5 acres at the old dump area near Dayville (which Webb thought was now owned by the ODF&W), "© acre above the Laycock Creek subdivision, and 4 1/3 acres in Silvies. Burton recommended that the court check with legal counsel about the public auction process. Burton said he would provide property values for consideration at a future court meeting. Treasurer Kathy Smith recommended that the old Road Department property also be considered for liquidation.

USE OF COUNTY PROPERTY. Court members discussed a previous request by Jack Russell, representing the Jehovah's Witness Kingdom Hall at 303 S. Humbolt Street, to utilize adjacent county property during an upcoming remodeling project. The group would like to use the site as a staging area the weekend of October 16th and 17th. Commissioner Myers reported on his recent conversation with Russell about the request. He said that Russell would provide the county with a form showing liability coverage for use of the property. The court agreed that the proposed use was appropriate and that a Certificate of Liability should be obtained from Russell.

COURTHOUSE ENTRY DOORS. The court considered a $590 quote submitted yesterday by Mobile Glass to install new magnetic locks supplied by Safeguard Security for the current replacement of the front entry doors at the Courthouse. MSP: Webb/Britton -- to authorize Mobile Glass to install new magnetic locks as proposed. Treasurer Kathy Smith wondered why the existing magnetic locks could not be reused on the new doors. Webb didn't know why additional labor would be charged. Britton asked for and received permission to negotiate down the labor. Britton would also ask Mobile Glass about placing weather stripping on the bottom of the doors.

11:25 am -- Adjourned

Respectfully Submitted,

Mary R. Ferrioli

County Court Secretary

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