Pursuant to notice made to the newspaper of general circulation throughout Grant County, the radio station in Grant County, and to interested persons on the Grant County e-mail list, a regular meeting of the County Court was held at the County Courthouse in Canyon City OR.

9:06 am -- Called to Order. Present were Judge Mark R. Webb and Commissioners Scott W. Myers and Boyd Britton, Secretary Mary Ferrioli, and Pastor Dan Benson. The Pledge of Allegiance was given to the United States flag. An opening prayer was given by Pastor Dan Benson.

EXTENSION DISTRICT. Extension & 4H Service District Warrant Nos. 55 through 69 were signed.

PROGRAM. MSP: Myers/Webb - to accept the program as presented.


Webb mentioned that he met yesterday with Forest Service representative Teresa Raaf about the current status of the proposed joint airport terminal building project.

Britton reported on a January 12th trip he made with some citizens to Forest Road 1620 to look at a prescribed burn that was done this fall.

Britton indicated that he other county representatives attended a meeting of the "Stewards of the Range" group in Baker City on January 13.

Myers said he has been working with Northeast Oregon Housing Authority to schedule a visit to Richland School, in Halfway, during the latter part of January regarding a proposed purchase by the NEOHA.

Britton planned to attend a Training & Employment Consortium meeting in Baker City on January 15 to address replacement of regional Director Chad Freeman.

Britton reported on the Cattlemen's Association meeting that he and Judge Webb attended on January 8th at Keerins Hall that included a presentation by State Senator Ted Ferrioli.

MINUTES. MSP: Webb/Myers-- to approve the December 24th minutes as amended. MSP: Webb/

Britton -- to approve the January 7 minutes as presented.

9:30 am - Dave Hocker entered.

200 S. HUMBOLT. The court discussed the need to replace the heating system at 200 S. Humbolt. The building is currently undergoing renovation in preparation for future occupancy by Oregon Life Solutions, Inc. During this process it was discovered that the seal on the old furnace had cracked and cannot be repaired. Quality Heating representative Dave Hocker met with the court to explain his assessment this morning regarding heating unit replacement options. Hocker detailed costs and benefits for different options including an electric furnace, an oil furnace, and the addition of a heat pump. He felt the cleanest, most efficient system would be an electric heat strip furnace along with a heat pump. Other information was provided about the "feel" created by a heat pump and its loss of efficiency at 30 degrees and below versus the use of oil heat. Hocker provided background on his company's installation of the current air conditioner. He recommended removing the old air conditioner in the back window over the existing outside unit.

EXECUTIVE SESSION. MSP: Britton/Myers - to cancel the Executive Session at this time.

10:00 am - The court took a break to celebrate Commissioner Britton's birthday.

COMMUNITY COUNSELING SOLUTIONS. Court members reviewed and signed a Commercial Property Lease Agreement with Community Counseling Solutions, Inc. (CCS) to occupy county property located at 528 E. Main in John Day. The agreement is effective for the period October 1, 2008 through June 30, 2009 and represents a base rent value of $20,178.90. The agreement includes a breakdown of base rent plus a diagram of building space specifically dedicated to CCS and the county Health Department as well as common areas used by both entities.

COLLEGE ADVISORY BOARD. Based on the recommendation of local college Center Directors Chris Cronin and Jenny Nelson, the court took the following actions. MSP: Myers/Webb -- to appoint Maxine Day to the ex-officio position formerly held by Elaine Husted. MSP: Myers/Webb -- to appoint Tim Nelson to fill the vacancy left by Natalie Julsrud.

COMMISSION ON CHILDREN & FAMILIES. Court members considered an application received from Ashley Witty to fill a volunteer youth position on the Commission on Children and Families. MSP: Myers/Webb-- to appoint Ashley Witty to the vacant youth position expiring December 31, 2010.

10:55 am - News Reporter Scotta Callister entered.

FOREST SUPERVISOR. Malheur National Forest Supervisor Doug Gochnour and Public Affairs Officer Jennifer Harris met with the court regarding the "State of the Region Report," a draft Motor Vehicle Use Map, and the federal economic stimulus plan. Gochnour handed out a Strategic Budget Performance Cycle (fiscal year) document -- related to the annual State of the Region Report and addressed the five goals and fourteen objectives contained in the report.

Forest travel planning on the Malheur and the Vehicle Use map were discussed involving roads and trails that allow motorized vehicles. Gochnour distributed new information issued by the Forest Chief's office regarding President-Elect Barack Obama's economic stimulus package. At Britton's request, Gochnour discussed some fuels and fire salvage issues as well as proposed action with regard to the Malheur NF revised plan.

COUNTY COURT REPRESENTATION. Webb asked the Commissioners to consider taking over responsibility for two county obligations he finds difficult to meet considering his other commitments. He felt representation on the Southeast Rural Alliance (SERA) would be covered well by Commissioner Britton. The SERA meeting rotates monthly among Grant, Harney or Malheur counties. Webb proposed that Commissioner Myers take over the county's Community Connection of Northeast Oregon (CCNEO) obligation. CCNEO holds quarterly board meetings in La Grande that could be attended by conference call. Britton agreed to be the designee for SERA and Myers accepted responsibility for representation on CCNEO.

LIBRARY. Court members discussed their desire to ask that surplus books be removed from the old Road Department in Canyon City by January 26th. Webb said it was suggested that a work session be held with the Librarian, Foundation members and Advisory Board members to discuss various common issues. Webb planned to visit with the Librarian about that proposal.

12:30 pm -- Adjourned

Respectfully Submitted,

Mary R. Ferrioli

County Court Secretary

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