Pursuant to notice made to the newspaper of general circulation throughout Grant County, the radio station in Grant County and e-mail distribution list, a regular meeting of the County Court was held at the County Courthouse in Canyon City OR.

9:00 am -- Call to Order. Present were Judge Mark R. Webb, Commissioners Scott W. Myers and Boyd Britton, Secretary Mary Ferrioli and Pastor Dave Fronapel.  A Pledge of Allegiance was given to the US flag.  The opening prayer was given by Pastor Fronapel.

PROGRAM.   MSP: Webb/Britton -- to accept the program as presented.

ANNOUNCEMENTS.   There were no announcements today.

MINUTES.   MSP:  Webb/Myers -- to approve the December 15th minutes as amended.  

CAPITAL OUTLAY / CLERK.  The court reviewed a change in the cost of a new desk unit to be purchased for the Clerk's office.  Treasurer Kathy Smith said that a higher quality / higher cost desk unit -- than was first selected by Clerk-elect Brenda Percy - was authorized on December 22nd.  A copy of the desk's quote sheet from Quill totaling $566.99 was provided.  MSP: Britton/ Myers - to approve the $566.99 desk from Quill for the Clerk's office.

JUVENILE HOLDING CELL.  Court members and Treasurer Smith had a brief conversation about the condition of the Juvenile Holding Cell as described in the DA's letter about the November 18th Correctional Facility inspection by the Grand Jury.  Judge Webb planned to ask for details of the Grand Jury's concerns.

COMMITTEE APPOINTMENTS. The court appointed volunteers to fill vacancies on several board and committees.

Airport Commission.  MSP:  Webb/Myers -- to reappoint Joseph Intile, Robert Bagett and Ron Lundbom to a two year term on the Airport Commission. Britton mentioned that the Commission is currently in discussion about the fact that Joe Intile in participating from the Philippines'.

Budget Committee.   MSP:  Webb/Myers -- to reappoint Harold Smith to a three year term on the Budget Committee.

College Advisory Board.  MSP: Webb/Myers -- to reappoint Paul Smith and Barbara Williams to a three year term on the College Advisory Board.

Commission on Children & Families.  MSP:  Myers/Webb -- to appoint Bradley Cates, Hannah Andrews and Dylan Powell to fill youth positions on the Commission on Children and Families. MSP: Myers/Webb - to appoint Ben Odell to fill a vacant position until December 31, 2014.

Extension & 4H Service District Advisory Council.  MSP: Webb/Myers -- to reappoint Dennis Reynolds and Cheyenne Molt to a three year term on the Extension & 4H Service District Advisory Council.  MSP: Webb/Myers -- to appoint Sharon Livingston to a three year term on the Extension & 4H Service District Advisory Council.  

Fair Board.  MSP: Webb/Myers -- to reappoint Carolyn Mullin to a three year term on the Fair Board.  MSP: Myers/Webb -- to accept the resignations of Sharon Livingston and Larry Pierce from the Fair Board. MSP: Webb/Myers -- to appoint Les Zaitz and Heather Edgar as recommended by the Fair Board.

9:30 am -- Vicki Waters, Greg Bremner and Michelle McManama entered

Mental Health / Alcohol & Drug Advisory Board.  MSP: Britton/Myers -- to reappoint Kathleen Stockdale to a three year term on the Mental Health and Alcohol & Drug Advisory Board.  MSP:  Myers/Webb -- to accept the resignation of Yolanda Rommel from the Mental Health and Alcohol & Drug Advisory Board.  

Planning Commission.  MSP:  Webb/Myers -- to reappoint Rick Henslee, Zach Williams, and Carolyn Mullin to a four year term on the Planning Commission.

Southeast Regional Alliance.  MSP:  Webb/Myers -- to reappoint Peggy Gray and Boyd Britton to a three year term on the Southeast Regional Alliance.

Wildlife Advisory Board. MSP: Myers/Webb -- to reappoint Ken Holliday and Mike Kilpatrick to a three year term on the Wildlife Advisory Board.  The county received no response to several contacts made to Vicki Van Sickle about her interest in reappointment.

No applications were submitted to fill vacancies on the Healthy Smiles Dental Clinic Advisory Committee, Riparian and Water Management Advisory Board and the Transient Room Tax Review Committee.

SAFETY COMMITTEE.  Safety Committee representatives Vicki Waters, Greg Bremner and Michelle McManama recommended that the county apply for a grant to supply automated external defibrillators (AEDs) for the Airport, Courthouse, Fairgrounds, Health Department, Library, Road Department and Sheriff's Office. An AED grant application form to obtain "Zoll" AED Plus devices from, Waters' letter of request, and information sheets about the AED Grant Program were presented for consideration.  The grant is funded by a number of companies in partnership with training organizations and AED manufacturers who want to increase the use of these critical lifesaving devices in as many locations as possible. The AEDs are designed for use by organizations, public agencies, and individuals.

Waters stated that the AEDs could save lives in the county and may help lower our insurance rates. She explained that the unit is very easy to operate and guides the user through what action is needed.  Webb asked if Waters thought they would create additional liability for the county or its employees. She stated that AEDs fall under the Good Samaritan Act. Treasurer Kathy Smith asked if the county expects employees to use the device.  It was generally understood that use of the device would be a personal choice. Webb indicated that he would check with the insurance company about associated liability.  According to Waters no cost is associated with acquiring the machines.  She stated that she would be responsible for any reporting requirements.  

Bremner (who is an EMT) explained that local EMTs and the hospital would like to see these devices placed at as many locations as possible. He acknowledged that individuals are hesitant to use them, but it takes over as soon as it is attached to the patient. He added that they take away all the "guess work" and can assess what is needed to save a life before dispatch even has time to call the EMTs. Bremner recommended purchasing a "demo" Zoll AED for use in training employees. He said he would be happy to provide trainings for county employees. Waters said the replacement of batteries was previously a problem, but now all new units use standard batteries.  MSP: Webb/Myers - to approve the request, subject to Webb calling CIS to be sure there are no increased liabilities.  McManama thanked the court for approving the request. She said she has experience with the device and they are very simple to use.

9:45 am -- Nick Miller and News Reporter Scotta Callister entered

HEALTH SERVICES BLDG. Maintenance Worker Nick Miller presented a detailed report on his assessment of the current lock and key system for the Health Services Building located at 528 E. Main in John Day.  Grant County Health Department occupies one side of the building and Community Counseling Solutions, Inc. occupies the other side under a rental agreement.  Some existing keys do not work on certain doors and no keys are available for some others.  Miller reported some problems with the Health Department's keys that are in the lockable key cabinet, in that they are hard to insert / turn or no key is available. Additionally, he stated that the fire department should have keys to the front doors and a way to enter the back door in case of fire.  Miller and Britton talked about a problem with the electric strike on the rear door and the need for a key to the Titus room door.  It was noted that exterior doors need a thumb turn lock to allow employees to exit. Miller had obtained a quote of $24.95 each for that type of lock set.

Miller reported that the fire department recommends having a walk-through of the facility and that an exterior lock box be installed to allow access through both the front and the back.  He asked for permission to speak with a locksmith about the creation of new keys and the possibility of having a master key.   

Webb felt that Miller had done as amazing job assessing the building's current lock and key situation.  He said it was important to make sure these doors have keys and are identified, and that everything is clearly located in case of fire.  Webb asked if the court would allow Miller to have new keys created and see about a master key, with separation between public health and mental health. Comments were made having to do with confidentiality issues.

Britton asked how costs would be handled.  Webb suggested that costs be taken out of the public health budget and the fees paid by CCS.  Miller felt there would not be as much expense for the CCS side. Treasurer Kathy Smith asked about the possibility of vandalism to the outside key boxes. She recommended that the fire department have all interior keys available only after entering the building.  Smith explained how the fire department has access to the inside of the Courthouse where all interior door keys are located.  Miller said he would inquire about that possibility. MSP: Britton /Webb -- to authorize Miller to move forward with investigating costs for this project and return with information at a future meeting . Other discussion took place about the server that now only controls the electronic door lock. It was noted that the server is old and could fail in the future.

10:25 am -- Hilary McNary, Shannon Springer and Eric Julsrud entered

URBAN GROWTH AGREEMENT. Planning Director Hilary McNary and Planning Secretary Shannon Springer presented an amendment to the City of John Day - Grant County Urban Growth Management Agreement of 2004. McNary indicated that the document has been sent to legal counsel for review.  She asked the court to sign the agreement which represents a coordinated effort to give the city more time to review planning applications in the UGB for which the county is making a decision.  For example, McNary said, it would prevent the county from mistakenly authorizing a house in the middle of the city's planned street extension.  She explained that patchwork development around the airport made it difficult for the city to take the area into the city limits.  That is what led to the creation of the document.  MSP: Britton/Myers - to authorize Judge Webb to sign the intergovernmental agreement as presented.

OFFICE SPACE REORGANIZATION. The court addressed a proposal by the Planning and Watermaster departments to reorganize the use of office space to include the space vacated by the Extension Service. The proposal was to relocate the Watermaster Office to the former Extension office. The Planning Secretary could then move to the space currently occupied by the Watermaster Office.  Numerous file cabinets, storage cabinet and map rack which are property of the Planning Department would move along with the Secretary to the Watermaster's former space to allow more convenient file research.  Planning Director and Building Code Inspector offices would remain the same.  Relocation would provide enough space for the Watermaster to store materials and supplies that are currently at various locations inside and outside of the Courthouse.  It was explained that this reorganization would help alleviate a number of issues which occur with the current configuration.  The biggest problem is that closely neighboring departments make is difficult to carry on conversations. McNary said these departments are the only ones that share a door which can cause confusion and frustration for customers seeking service.  The situation was felt to be increasingly more difficult with the reduction of staff and changing duties.

Webb thought there were good reasons for the move and asked if there were any suggestions for renovation.  McNary strongly preferred the idea of creating a separate door to Planning by extending the hall into the former Extension office.  She believed that a locking door is important because Planning keeps money on the premises.  Treasurer Kathy Smith asked why Parole / Probation would not be relocated to the separate area like it was first proposed.  Otherwise, the problem would not be solved because the conflict would prevent future use of the additional space.  It was pointed out that individual office spaces would remain for use by Planning. Discussion took place about ways in which there may be a better utilization of space.  Smith pointed out that it would be less expensive to move Parole / Probation and would prevent future conflict.  Webb felt that additional security for each office was needed.  It was explained that the shared copier would still have easy access through the back door.  

Issues related to funding were addressed.  Adequate counter top space for Planning would need to be constructed to provide a method for consulting with customers and viewing maps. It was noted that some small changes would be necessary to the vacant Extension office area to accommodate the Watermaster and their supplies.  Other expenses would be occurred from relocating fax lines, phone lines and computers. The court suggested that Nick Miller be asked to look into the proposal and to assist with determining costs which would include replicating a suitable counter for Planning in its new location.  The court was to review proposed ideas and estimated costs at a later date.

10:50 am -- Adjourned

Respectfully Submitted,

Mary R. Ferrioli

County Court Secretary

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