MAY 30, 2012

Pursuant to notice made to the newspaper of general circulation throughout Grant County, the radio station in Grant County and e-mail distribution list, a regular meeting of the County Court was held at the County Courthouse in Canyon City OR.

9:00 am -- Call to Order. Present were Judge Mark R. Webb, Commissioners Scott W. Myers and Boyd Britton, Secretary Mary Ferrioli, Commissioner Candidate Mick Dougharity, Dr. Thom Seal, and Dave Fronapel. A Pledge of Allegiance was given to the United States flag. The invocation was given by Dave Fronapel.

Dr. Thom Seal appeared in court to check on the Petition on RS 2477 Right of Ways over Public Land submitted to the County Court on May 16. He was informed the petition has been sent to legal counsel for review and recommendation.

PROGRAM. MSP: Webb/Britton -- to accept the program with an update on the school districts’ county funding request, an update on the Monument Rural Fire Protection District, discussion on county representation at the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association meeting in Wyoming June 11-12 about cooperating agency status, and discussion about the bookmobile.


The court will participate in an Extension & 4H Service District Budget Committee meeting today at 1:00 pm.

Myers planned to attend the Title 3 Healthy Private Timberlands Project meeting at 4 pm today at the Airport. He would also attend a pre-meeting at the Outpost at noon today at the request of Title 3 Coordinator Sue Newstetter. Myers planned to meet with Sgt. McGuire after court to talk about Denise Barry’s memorial bench.

Britton would attend the Title 3 Healthy Private Timberlands Project meeting today at the airport and participate in a Training and Employment Consortium budget meeting in La Grande tomorrow by phone.

MINUTES. MSP: Britton/Webb -- to approve the May 23 minutes as amended.

9:20 am – News Reporter Scotta Callister entered

BOOKMOBILE. The court and News Reporter / Library Board member Scotta Callister talked about plans to move forward with purchasing the proposed bookmobile once the Library Advisory Board approves that action at their meeting tomorrow. Callister said the board has been positive about the purchase; she anticipates their support for the 1995 Farber ELF vehicle from Specialty Vehicle Services LLC. Callister was to contact a court member Friday morning about the board’s recommendation.

9:25 am -- Devin Moan entered

LIBRARY FOUNDATION. Webb asked the court about the idea of having a public meeting on the Library Foundation’s actual plans to build a new library building and donate it to the county. It was noted the county is not involved at this point, but Webb felt a public discussion was needed on the foundation’s expectation of the County Court. Library Board member Scotta Callister said the Library Advisory Board invited the foundation to be at the board’s June meeting. Some discussion followed about the future role of a liaison between the foundation and board. The court decided it would be best for the foundation to send a representative to Library Board meetings.

9:30 am – Clerk Brenda Percy entered

CHILDREN AND FAMILIES. Commission on Children and Families Director Devin Moan requested permission to send 6 people to mid-year CADCA training in Nashville TN July 23 – 27. Attendees include Devin Moan, Jamie McKay, GU youth Trejan Speth and Dawson Quinton, and Dayville youth Cheyanne Perkins and Darylann Waltenburg. The estimated cost totals $13,589.18 and is within the approved Drug Free Communities Grant budget. It was noted each member was chosen based on their participation in the coalition or work done on behalf of the coalition. Moan also asked for a waiver to county per diem rates and would ask travelers to be reasonable and prudent with meals. MSP: Webb/Myers -- to approve attendance by 6 people at the CADCA mid-year training in Nashville July 23 – 27 as requested. Webb pointed out the expense does not need court approval if it’s included in the department budget. MSP: Myers/Webb -- to grant a waiver of per diem policy and ask that participants be reasonable and prudent with meals.

Moan requested a reduction in the Director’s work hours from 40 to 30 hours per week. She said she’s spoken with the Clerk and Treasurer and they are on board with the change. Moan could accomplish her work within 30 hours and would like reduced hours for personal reasons. It was the consensus of the court to approve a reduction in hours as requested.

Britton asked Moan about a recent meeting held in Burns about the county becoming a “hub” under the new state-wide Early Learning Initiative. According to Moan, Grant County would be working with North Central ESD (Gillam, Wheeler and Sherman counties) instead. She had attended a video conference meeting with those counties yesterday at EAD. Moan added that the associated RFP won’t be issued until next February.

Clerk Brenda Percy and the court talked about how sick and vacation accruals would be handled for 30 hours per week. Webb felt Moan would most likely work a little more than 30 hours per week. MSP: Webb/Myers – to move Moan’s accruals to three-quarter time per county policy.

JD RURAL FIRE DISTRICT. Based on the public hearing held May 9, court members reviewed and signed Order 2012-05 Annexing Territory to the John Day Rural Fire District (Petitioner Brad Armstrong) and Order 2012-06 Annexing Territory to the John Day Rural Fire District (Petitioner Bob Armstrong). Legal counsel Ron Yockim had prepared the orders after the hearing.

CONTRACT RENEWALS. The court reviewed and signed the following renewals -- Contracts for Nurse Practitioner Services provided by Tim Neilson, DNP and Patty Newman, FNP; An Employment Agreement for Spanish Interpreter Services provided by Maria Thomas; and an Espresso & Food Service Provider Contract with Java Jungle for the airport. MSP: Webb/Myers-- to authorize Judge Webb to sign the Espresso & Food Service Provider Contract with Java Jungle.

FAIR CONTRACT. Court members reviewed and signed a Professional Services Contract with Frank Carlson to provide music entertainment at the County Fair on August 22.

STATE FORESTRY. At the request of John Day Unit Forester Angie Johnson, the court considered formulating a response to Oregon Department of Forestry’s 2012 Customer Satisfaction Survey. Myers said he has heard a lot from his two sons who work for ODF and also has experience through his father-in-law’s protected lands. He felt he would probably give a glowing report. Britton disagreed with giving high ratings to ODF in all areas. Webb felt it was probably best to have each court member speak with Ms. Johnson at next week’s meeting since a full range of positive and negative opinion exists in the community about ODF.

TRAVEL MANAGEMENT PLAN. Webb explained that Baker County Natural Resource Advisory Committee (NRAC) rep Jan Kerns has asked the court to consider continuing the previous arrangement of including a small portion of Grant County within Baker County’s NRAC Travel Management Plan response. Webb said so little of Grant County area is on the Wallowa-Whitman NF that we have focused effort on the Malheur. Britton said he was fine with it. Myers was OK with continuing the arrangement, but noted there could be additional cost so we should be conscious of that in the future. It was the consensus of the court to continue the county’s previous arrangement with Baker County.

9:55 am – Lane Burton entered

MONUMENT RURAL FIRE PROTECTION DISTRICT. Assessor Lane Burton appeared in court to submit the final map, based on the map filed with the original petition, and a legal description to attach to Order 2012-04 on formation of the MRFPD. He explained everyone submitting a letter to be excluded has been removed and everyone submitting a letter to be included has been added. Burton reported that a letter from Jerry Russell was submitted to the County Court office yesterday requesting to be excluded. He said Mr. Russell wants to know what he needs to do to be excluded at this point. Myers thought once the district establishes an official board of directors

they would decide on inclusion and exclusion requests and forward those decisions to County Court for approval. Webb said he would follow up with legal counsel about how to handle Mr. Russell’s request. Britton relayed his conversation with legal counsel about the David Fields and the Cross D Ranch.

10:00 am -- Kathy Smith, Zach Williams, and King Williams entered

RELIEF HELP FUND. Treasurer Kathy Smith requested approximately $1,500.00 from the Relief Help line to pay Dena Bush for no more than 80 hours to assist her office in handling money during fair week. Bush provided assistance to her Deputy Treasurer during fair week for the past two years since payroll has occurred at that time. Smith said the relief help request was mentioned during the Budget Committee process this year. She indicated the pay rate would remain the same and actual work hours should be less than 80. Britton suggested making the Fair Manager aware this General Fund expense has been incurred over the past few years to assist the Fair. Myers agreed with making the Fair aware this expense is over and above the annual General Fund transfer. MSP: Webb/Myers -- to grant the request to have Dena Bush assist the Treasurer’s office during fair week as requested.

10:15 am – Robert Waltenburg entered

SCHOOL DISTRICT 3. Grant Resource Enhancement Action Team President King Williams and ESD Superintendent Robert Waltenburg reported on the school’s county funding request. King Williams provided a copy of minutes from the GREAT Corp Education Meeting held May 21. He said a grant proposal is going to be drafted to conduct an analysis of the county’s school systems. It would examine the parameters that drive funding, education service delivery, new opportunities that might exist, and it would assess the impact on the structure of communities. The group drafting the proposal includes King Williams, Dick Field, Roy Durfee, Sally Bartlett, and Steve Parsons. When complete the proposal would be brought back to the next Education Meeting on June 25. Williams pointed out that schools are continuing to lose money.

Waltenburg reported on laws affecting districts this year that causes the state to take both last year’s excess taxes and this year’s estimated excess taxes. He talked about ongoing conversations among superintendents about the idea of coordinating school calendars and class schedules among the five districts. Waltenburg also addressed the benefits of small school funding and costs associated with teaching staff, busing, etc.

Webb asked what the group will expect of the County Court. Williams said, once the direction for the five districts is identified in a grant proposal, the county would be approached for support during the transition. All school districts have been budgeting for the money they have now

Including anticipated state funding.

COURT ACTIONS. Judge Webb scheduled a second discussion with Commissioner Myers to address unresolved court issues identified in a February 2012 newspaper article. The first discussion occurred last Wednesday. Webb asked Myers to identify the unresolved issues and explain why they hadn’t been addressed in court. Myers said those unresolved issues are now resolved or nearly resolved. At that time we were in the middle of the budget process, we had two unapproved union contracts, we were in the process of replacing Ken Boethin, Monument Fire Protection District was in litigation, and state funding for Commission on Children & Families was unknown. Myers maintained his previous statement, that he’s not a big fan of confrontation and there has been too much of it lately. Webb clarified with Myers that issues have been addressed in the context of regular business. At Webb’s request Myers explained his statement that he would not be out of the Courthouse 2 or 3 days a week. Webb pointed out the issues had been resolved regardless of his absence. Myers felt he and Webb had lately created a hostile workplace and would need to find a way to get around that. Webb said he was done and asked Myers to bring up his future concerns in court so they can be addressed. Myers agreed.

OCA MEETING. Britton asked about county participation in the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association upcoming meeting in Wyoming, noting that none of the court members could go. Webb said he understood legal counsel Ron Yockim felt attending may not be a good use of money. Webb suggested that Britton contact Yockim. He added, if Yockim encourages participation, Webb would support that. Myers suggested if Ron Yockim was interested in going maybe other counties could help fund his trip. Britton mentioned participation by other counties as well as a few local representatives who may be interested in attending.

10:50 am -- Adjourned

Respectfully Submitted,

Mary R. Ferrioli

County Court Secretary


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