Pursuant to notice made to the newspaper of general circulation throughout Grant County, the radio station in Grant County, and to interested persons on the Grant County e-mail list, a regular meeting of the County Court was held at the County Courthouse in Canyon City OR.

9:03 am -- Called to Order. Present were Judge Mark R. Webb and Commissioners Scott W. Myers and Boyd Britton, Secretary Mary Ferrioli, Airport Manager Gary Judd and Pastor Andy Anderson. The Pledge of Allegiance was given to the United States flag. An opening prayer was given by Pastor Andy Anderson.

CLAIMS. The court had reviewed and approved claims submitted by the Deputy Clerk-Bookkeeper. Tagged claims were by the Health Dept / personal charges on county credit card and Center for Human Development / over per diem.

9:05 am - Treasurer Kathy Smith entered.

PROGRAM. MSP: Myers/Webb - to accept the program with Item H. (Airport's ConnectOregon II grant) to be discussed first and the addition of discussion on reimbursing Dennis Reynolds for travel expenses for his deposition next week in Portland and December 24th to Item E.

TRAVEL REIMBURSEMENT. The court considered reimbursing former County Judge Dennis Reynolds for his travel expenses to Portland for deposition on November 27 & 28 with regard to Glenn Palmer et al. vs. Grant County et al. MSP: Britton/Webb - that we pay for Dennis Reynolds' mileage, meals and lodging expenses for his deposition in Portland November 27 & 28.

CONNECTOREGON II. Airport Manager Gary Judd presented a letter of support for court signature concerning a $5,000,000 ConnectOregon II grant application for a proposed joint terminal facility at the Grant County Regional Airport. Judd explained that discussions on the proposal have taken place with Airport Commissioners (including Webb) and now it is formally being presented to the court for approval. The proposal was for housing administrative facilities, a rural fire station, administrative and training facilities of the USFS fire base, a general aviation lounge, and meeting room within a joint terminal facility. Judd said the ConnectOregon II grant application has a short timeline; the official go ahead came in September. He indicated that the application is basically the same as last year. Judd noted that W&H Pacific has been putting together the required documentation and Judd has been gathering letters of support. He explained that firm commitment by the Forest Service and Congressional funding are still pending. He apologized for the short timeline for court approval (the proposal-- which he intended to present last week was not because the court did not meet -- was due

In Salem today at 4 pm). He said, upon court approval, W&H Pacific would hand-deliver the application today and Judd would also be sending it by email.

Webb expressed some concern about committing match funds before it is known the money would be available. Discussion followed about the need to pay back any loan from the Road Department, dependency on FAA funding, and the existing architectural design "concepts" by W&H Pacific. Judd distributed a copy of the grant application and exhibits.

At Treasurer Kathy Smith's request, Judd provided an update on the financial status of the present airport project including FAA reimbursement checks expected in the near future. Smith expressed concern about uncertain revenues for match or operational costs. She noted, until federal reimbursement is received, the airport fund is in the red and there may not be revenue to maintain and operate as needed. She felt there should be a guaranteed plan for raising revenue in order to move forward on the terminal project. Judd indicated that ongoing facility maintenance and services would be pro-rated with the Forest Service. Other discussion followed about proposed Forest Service revenues available for the project and grant application language associated with match funds. MSP: Britton/Myers -- to authorize Judge Webb to sign the application and W&H Pacific to hand-deliver this application to ConnectOregon in Salem today.


Myers reported on his attendance at the Association of Oregon Counties' Annual Conference November 13 through 16th in Portland which included conversations with representatives of Harney and Lake counties about creating an ORS 190 for mental health services and Wallowa County about operation and management of a secure treatment facility.

Webb reported on his participation at the Sustainable Northwest Rural Voices for Conservation Coalition Conference in Stevenson, WA from November 12 to 16, 2007. Webb said he appreciated the Sustainable Northwest efforts more now than in the past.

9:25 am - Sondra Lino and New Reporter Scott Callister entered.

PUBLIC HEARING. At 9:30 am a public hearing on the Southeast Regional Alliance (SERA) Grant, Harney and Malheur counties 2007-2013 Regional Investment Strategy (RIS) was held. SERA staffer and Economic Development Specialist Sondra Lino provided an overview of recent legislative impacts to Oregon Economic & Community Development Department involving changes in the RIS. Lino indicated that funding was provided to write a revised RIS plan; however, no funding is available to implement the plan. She reviewed the updated RIS document that describes the SERA area long-term strategy which is to make the appropriate investments that lead toward a viable economy and sustainable communities. Lino indicated that Harney and Malheur counties were also being asked to approve the revised RIS. No public comment was offered. MSP: Webb/Britton - to approve the 2007-2013 Regional Investment Strategy of the Southeast Regional Alliance. Myers asked about the ability to revise or amend the RIS plan. Lino stated that the document would be reviewed and updated every two years. Lino reported that future state funding for this program would receive a full hearing during the Special Legislative Session in February. Lino distributed and explained a website-generated infrastructure inventory of prioritized projects within Grant County, including special districts and non-profits. Discussion followed about the next SERA meeting set for November 26th to be attended by newly-hired Economic Development Coordinator Sally Bartlett. MSP: Myers/Webb -- to appoint Economic Development Coordinator Sally Bartlett as an alternate on the Southeast Regional Alliance board of directors.

SUPPLMENTAL BUDGET HEARING. At 9:45 am a Supplemental Budget Hearing was held to receive and appropriate funds to expand senior services for FY 2007-2008. Budget Officer Treasurer Kathy Smith explained that Senior Programs Manager Georgeann Williams needs to obtain a new computer in order to conduct the required new program activities. No public comment was offered. The court signed Resolution 07-57 Adopting Supplemental Budget for Senior Citizens Fund in the amount of $16,900.

9:55 am - Kathy Cancilla entered.

TITLE III. Training & Employment Consortium (TEC) representative Kathy Cancilla introduced new Special Projects Crew Leader Jim Lemke and gave an informational presentation on youth activities conducted for the 2007 Summer Conservation Corps Work Projects and Youth in Forest-Related Education and Work Projects funding under Title III of Public Law 106-393, as well as project plans for the coming year.

EXECUTIVE SESSION. The court met in Executive Session under ORS 192.660(2)(a) to consider employment of a public officer, employee, staff member or individual agent. Webb recited the State Attorney General's Sample Script to Announce the Start of Executive Session. Upon return from Executive Session the following motion was made. MSP: Myers/Britton -- after due consideration in Executive Session that we deny the proposal rendered by Ms. Triplett.

CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS & PARTY. The court discussed a proposal to hold the annual Christmas Party on Wednesday, December 19th. MSP: Myers/Britton - to set the Christmas Potluck date as December 19th. Treasurer Kathy Smith understood that some county offices are interested in closing on Monday, December 24th. She asked if the court has concern with those departments that wish to close that day, with employees using accruals to be paid. Smith said that had been done in the past with a radio announcement that some offices may close that day. MSP: Webb

/Myers -- to allow departments to close on Monday, December 24th, and to make it public. MSP: Webb/Myers - that we not hold court on Wednesday, December 26th since there will be no

time to prepare the meeting. Smith indicated that the county's monthly newsletter would reflect these court motions.

PHONE REPAIR. Court members reviewed information submitted by Center for Human

Development Director Bill Harrington about necessary repairs made to his department phone

system on November 15th. Treasurer Kathy Smith explained that a power surge last week caused

the voice mail component of the phone system to malfunction. Subsequently, Harrington arranged

for the repair, but it requires an agreement which needs court signature. Britton explained that he

signed the agreement last week on behalf of the court while Webb and Myers were out-of-county. MSP: Myers/Webb - so acknowledged and approved.

BUDGET RESOLUTION. The court reviewed and signed Resolution 07-56 Appropriating Unexpected Grant Funds, General Fund / Economic Development Department in the amount of $15,000 to market the Grant County Regional Airport Industrial Park.

COUNTY COLLEGE. It was noted that both Judge Webb and Commissioner Britton (Cum Laude) have received plaques from Association of Oregon Counties certifying successful completion of 15 County College credits in 2007. College fees were personally paid in the amount of $500 each.

BATES PROPERTY. Webb reported that, at the request of the property appraiser, Dennis Dice has provided a quote for demolishing the dry kiln for submission to Oregon Parks & Recreation Dept. Parks Department representative Cliff Houck previously indicated that discussion was scheduled for the Park Commission's January 9, 2008 meeting. Additionally, it was noted that Houck would like the county to consider selling the 3.8 acres of property next to Clyde Holliday State Park. Webb felt selling that piece was something the court should consider; other court members agreed.

Adjourned to allow court members viewed a training video on "Public Official Liability" as a requirement of City-County Insurance Services.

Respectfully Submitted,

Mary R. Ferrioli

County Court Secretary

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