A Grant County employee has been getting paid not to go to work for five months now.

Grant County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Abigail Mobley is still employed and being paid by the county, but her last day in the office was Feb. 4, according to records obtained by the Eagle.

From Feb. 5 through March 15, she used a combination of vacation, sick and comp hours she had accrued.

After two scheduled days off, she was placed on paid administrative leave March 18 and has remained on it through July, the last time card available.

From mid-March through July, Grant County has paid her $16,416 in wages. During that time, she also accrued 10 hours of vacation and eight hours of sick leave per month, costing an additional $1,768.

Each additional month she is on administrative leave will cost county taxpayers about $4,200.

These figures only include wages and accruals, not other benefits such as health care.

Her husband, Undersheriff Zach Mobley, was also placed on paid administrative leave March 18 after two scheduled days off.

His March time card shows six days of administrative leave until the time card ends March 25.

On his April time card, however, nothing is filled in indicating whether the time was actually worked or administrative leave.

According to Dominic Carollo, an attorney representing Grant County and the sheriff’s office in response to a public records request by the Blue Mountain Eagle, Zach Mobley was back “actively employed” as of April 25, though Carollo refused to provide the actual dates Zach Mobley was on leave.

Zach Mobley earns a salary of $5,123 per month, so each day of leave cost about $170.

In response to the Eagle’s initial records request April 5, Grant County Sheriff Glenn Palmer said the records may be exempt from disclosure under state statutes that shield information about a “personnel investigation of a public safety employee” and “investigatory information compiled for criminal law purposes.”

However, neither exemption applies if “the public interest requires disclosure in the particular instance.”

On Aug. 14, Palmer announced his intention to resign as sheriff in a few months.

The Eagle continues to pursue its records request for other public documents to explain the situation.

In April, county officials declined to comment because it was a personnel issue.

Abigail Mobley, Zach Mobley, Palmer and the members of the Grant County Court did not respond to requests for comment emailed Friday afternoon.


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