County to complete Canyon City national hazard mitigation flood plan

County Judge Scott Myers, left, addresses attendees at the April 20 Grant County Court meeting in which it was announced the county will help complete a national mitigation flood plan for Canyon City.

Grant County is stepping up to help complete a national hazard mitigation flood plan for Canyon City.

At the Grant County Court meeting April 20, County Judge Scott Myers said the county and the city of John Day completed a regional plan in 2013, but Canyon City was not included. He said FEMA funding would not be available after a flood without the plan in place.

Myers said Canyon City was working on the plan, but the requirements were overwhelming for a small staff, so the county economic development office will provide assistance to complete it.

Grant County Economic Development Director Sally Bartlett said she has applied for a $30,000 grant, with a $5,000 in-kind match for her time spent working on the plan. With the funding, she said she could hire a consultant to finish the technical aspects of the plan.

The plan would be an addendum to the northeast Oregon regional plan, Bartlett said, which includes parts of Grant and other counties. She said the state would still need to approve the final plan, but the governor’s office and the Department of State Lands have asked her to help complete the plan.

Bartlett said one of the requirements was a letter or resolution in support of the plan from the County Court. She said she is operating with a May 1 deadline.

“We’re going to try to do it as quick as we can, but it’s just a process now of getting all these pieces approved,” she said.

The court unanimously approved a motion authorizing Bartlett to continue with the plan, and Myers said they would formally draft a letter or resolution in support for approval at a future meeting.

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