1). What is your No. 1 goal for the next six months?

To make time for myself, and develop healthy exercise and eating habits that I can incorporate into my day to day schedule that will be with me well beyond the end of this next 6 month period. Anything I do needs to be something I can continue to do ... I'm not into it for just the short-term.

2). What is going to be your biggest motivator?

Heart health, taking some weight off my knees, and aiming to fit back into some blue jeans that I can't wear right now ...

3). What is your strategy to staying the course?

Being part of a team will be a motivator, as everyone in our group depends on the success of each one of us. Making time for myself ... even if I have to schedule it as an appointment, to get out and do that noon-time walk.

4). What is your secret food craving?

Comfort food is my secret food craving ... I like refried beans and stews and potatoes and "just out of the oven" fresh baked bread with butter and honey .... Can't do those every day or in quantity. And in the late afternoon, if I don't have something healthy available, it's way too easy to go searching the office for the various chocolate offerings people have around their desks.

5). The exercise you love to hate?

My exercise of choice is walking, or riding my bike. Both of those are easy and don't take a lot of equipment. I'm also doing an evening yoga class to wind down, relax and stretch. My walking time has dwindled ... so it's time to reclaim some time for myself and build that back into my schedule.

6). What is your No. 1 strategy?

Joining a team and signing up for the Eagle Challenge is my main strategy to jump start a weight loss and exercise program. Specific food strategies will be watching portion size and bulking up with the veggies. Having the Challenge as we move into spring and summer is great since fresh salad and greens are pretty easy to do in the garden.

Setting appointments for myself for self-care and exercise time will be a big part of this plan.

Cindy, thanks for the memory jog to blog! t

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