Dancing in the spotlight

<p></p><p>The elementary squad coached by Samantha Snyder received second place in their division for their performance, dancing to “Wide Awake” by Katie Perry.</p>

PENDLETON – The Grant Union High School dance team and two Body Fitness and Dance squads took the spotlight during a Pendleton competition on Feb. 23, and danced away with top marks.

Despite the loss of a few dancers and several routine changes, the high school team scored 65.97, not far behind their highest mark of 76.

“We had to make several changes in formations and choreography,” said head coach Shannon Adair.

Adding choreography to the beginning of their routine to “The Dream” by Shinedown, the team competed against top-ranked teams including Eugene Valley Catholic, the defending state champions.

“Eugene Valley Catholic has scored in the high 70s this season, so we have a lot of work to do to catch up, but I know this team is more than capable,” said Adair.

The elementary squad coached by Samantha Snyder performed to “Wide Awake” by Katie Perry, and danced their way to second place in their division.

They received a final score of 15.44 out of 20 points, putting them in the intermediate and advanced range. They received their highest scores in performance.

The junior team coached by Adair, Jennifer McCloskey and Cherise Holmstrom performed to “Lucky Strike” by Maroon 5. Despite losing four of the 10 dancers over the course of the season, and constant routine changes, they finished second with a score of 14 out of 20. Their highest score was in choreography (range of skills, vocabulary and creative efforts), where they earned 17 out of 20.

“I am so proud of these girls for pushing through the challenges of the season and making their competition experience fun and rewarding,” said Adair.

Reannah Lemons was awarded the “Super Sensational Award” for exceptional performance skills. Tori Coalwell was awarded the top 10 “Drill Down” for her skill in following drill down commands.

The Grant Union High School dance team will be back in action at 9 a.m. Saturday, March 2, at the Thurston Competition in Springfield.

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